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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Prophet

The Prophet

Release Date: Saturday, March 20 1999 (23 years ago)
Portrait of Don WilsonDon Wilson
Jarrid Maddox
Don Wilson was:
Portrait of Barbara SteeleBarbara Steele
Agent Oakley
Barbara Steele was:
Portrait of Paul Michael RobinsonPaul Michael Robinson
Paul Michael Robinson was:
Portrait of Alexander KeithAlexander Keith
Vicki Taylor
Alexander Keith was:
Portrait of Arthur RobertsArthur Roberts
Richard Maddox
Arthur Roberts was:
Portrait of Rick DeanRick Dean
Rick Dean was:
Portrait of Jenna BodnarJenna Bodnar
Jenna Bodnar was:
Portrait of Sid ShamSid Sham
Sid Sham was:
Portrait of Chick VenneraChick Vennera
Chick Vennera was:
Portrait of Robert QuarryRobert Quarry
Agent Betts
Robert Quarry was:
Portrait of Eric LawsonEric Lawson
Agent Johnson
Eric Lawson was:
Portrait of Richard GabaiRichard Gabai
Richard Gabai was:
Portrait of Mirron E. WillisMirron E. Willis
Mirron E. Willis was:
Portrait of Warren A. StevensWarren A. Stevens
Warren A. Stevens was:
Portrait of Ric DrasinRic Drasin
Wrestler #1
Ric Drasin was:
Portrait of Joe RoseJoe Rose
Wrestler #2
Joe Rose was:
Portrait of Ted MonteTed Monte
Agent #2
Ted Monte was:
Portrait of Chris GraverChris Graver
Sunstreak Med Tech
Chris Graver was:
Portrait of Art CamachoArt Camacho
Hunter's Men
Art Camacho was:
Portrait of Bob BraggBob Bragg
Hunter's Men
Bob Bragg was:
Portrait of Dane FarwellDane Farwell
Hunter's Men
Dane Farwell was:
Portrait of Fred Olen RayFred Olen Ray
Hunter's Men
Fred Olen Ray was:
Portrait of Scott L. SchwartzScott L. Schwartz
Scott L. Schwartz was:
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