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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure

Release Date: Tuesday, November 25 2003 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Stephen BaldwinStephen Baldwin
Bryan McBride
Stephen Baldwin was:
Portrait of Nicollette SheridanNicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan was:
Portrait of Coby Ryan McLaughlinCoby Ryan McLaughlin
Det. Carl McBride
Coby Ryan McLaughlin was:
Portrait of Hannes JaenickeHannes Jaenicke
Ricardo Arterra
Hannes Jaenicke was:
Portrait of Jerry DoyleJerry Doyle
Det. Sean Walker
Jerry Doyle was:
Portrait of Mark Christopher LawrenceMark Christopher Lawrence
Danny G.
Mark Christopher Lawrence was:
Portrait of Tami-Adrian GeorgeTami-Adrian George
Tami-Adrian George was:
Portrait of Scott L. SchwartzScott L. Schwartz
Crazy Joe
Scott L. Schwartz was:
Portrait of William LangloisWilliam Langlois
William Langlois was:
Portrait of Benny NievesBenny Nieves
Benny Nieves was:
Portrait of Rene RiveraRene Rivera
Rene Rivera was:
Portrait of Eric James VirgetsEric James Virgets
Eric James Virgets was:
Portrait of Billy 'Sly' WilliamsBilly 'Sly' Williams
Joey Muinez
Billy 'Sly' Williams was:
Portrait of Joey SagalJoey Sagal
Chucky Daniels
Joey Sagal was:
Portrait of Patrick St. EspritPatrick St. Esprit
Lieutenant Mullen
Patrick St. Esprit was:
Portrait of GiGi ErnetaGiGi Erneta
Girl on phone
GiGi Erneta was:
Portrait of Jay RichardsonJay Richardson
Cruise Ship Captain
Jay Richardson was:
Portrait of Jim WynorskiJim Wynorski
Police Helicopter Pilot (as David Gibbs)
Jim Wynorski was:
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