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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of After Dark

After Dark

Release Date: Sunday, February 3 2013 (9 years ago)
Portrait of Lane ComptonLane Compton
Lane Compton was:
Portrait of Mekia CoxMekia Cox
Mekia Cox was:
Portrait of Scott DeFalcoScott DeFalco
Scott DeFalco was:
Portrait of Charlize Diaz De LeonCharlize Diaz De Leon
Charlize Diaz De Leon was:
Portrait of Carl EarhartCarl Earhart
Carl Earhart was:
Portrait of Jestina EarhartJestina Earhart
Jestina Earhart was:
Portrait of Sonny BermudezSonny Bermudez
Jenn's Boyfriend
Sonny Bermudez was:
Portrait of Jerry BoydJerry Boyd
Jerry Boyd was:
Portrait of Dave JohnsonDave Johnson
Dave Johnson was:
Portrait of Rico JohnsonRico Johnson
Rico Johnson was:
Portrait of Jennifer KlasJennifer Klas
Jennifer Klas was:
Portrait of John A. LorenzJohn A. Lorenz
Desert Man
John A. Lorenz was:
Portrait of Leah MillerLeah Miller
Leah Miller was:
Portrait of Jonathan NsienJonathan Nsien
Jonathan Nsien was:
Portrait of Santos ReyesSantos Reyes
Stand in
Santos Reyes was:
Portrait of Korrina RicoKorrina Rico
Korrina Rico was:
Portrait of Marisa SaksMarisa Saks
Marisa Saks was:
Portrait of Chuck SpitlerChuck Spitler
Jenn's Dad
Chuck Spitler was:
Portrait of Victoria VegaVictoria Vega
Victoria Vega was:
Portrait of Jesse James YoungbloodJesse James Youngblood
Jesse James Youngblood was:
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