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Poster of Gone


Release Date: Thursday, February 23 2012 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried
Jill Conway
Amanda Seyfried was:
Portrait of Daniel SunjataDaniel Sunjata
Daniel Sunjata was:
Portrait of Wes BentleyWes Bentley
Peter Hood
Wes Bentley was:
Portrait of Michael ParéMichael Paré
Lt. Ray Bozeman
Michael Paré was:
Portrait of Jennifer CarpenterJennifer Carpenter
Sharon Ames
Jennifer Carpenter was:
Portrait of Sebastian StanSebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan was:
Portrait of Emily WickershamEmily Wickersham
Molly Conway
Emily Wickersham was:
Portrait of Nick SearcyNick Searcy
Mr. Miller
Nick Searcy was:
Portrait of Socratis OttoSocratis Otto
Jim LaPointe
Socratis Otto was:
Portrait of Joel David MooreJoel David Moore
Nick Massey
Joel David Moore was:
Portrait of Katherine MoennigKatherine Moennig
Erica Lonsdale
Katherine Moennig was:
Portrait of Sam UptonSam Upton
Officer McKay
Sam Upton was:
Portrait of Ted RooneyTed Rooney
Henry Massey
Ted Rooney was:
Portrait of Erin CarufelErin Carufel
Officer Ash
Erin Carufel was:
Portrait of Amy ArgyleAmy Argyle
Tanya Muslin
Amy Argyle was:
Portrait of Susan HessSusan Hess
Dr. Mira Andrews
Susan Hess was:
Portrait of Jeanine JacksonJeanine Jackson
Mrs. Cermak
Jeanine Jackson was:
Portrait of Hunter ParrishHunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish was:
Portrait of Blaine PalmerBlaine Palmer
Conrad Reynolds
Blaine Palmer was:
Portrait of Victor MorrisVictor Morris
Officer Dubois
Victor Morris was:
Portrait of Danny WynandsDanny Wynands
Officer Johnson
Danny Wynands was:
Portrait of Wade AllenWade Allen
Officer Cummins
Wade Allen was:
Portrait of Jade Marx-BertiJade Marx-Berti
Officer Ruffolo
Jade Marx-Berti was:
Portrait of Bruce LawsonBruce Lawson
Detective Lawson
Bruce Lawson was:
Portrait of Jordan FryJordan Fry
Jordan Fry was:
Portrait of Jeff ColeJeff Cole
Jeff Cole was:
Portrait of Tracy PacanaTracy Pacana
School Girl #1
Tracy Pacana was:
Portrait of Madison WrayMadison Wray
School Girl #2
Madison Wray was:
Portrait of Socratis OttoSocratis Otto
Socratis Otto was:
Portrait of Casey O'NeillCasey O'Neill
Jill's Opponent
Casey O'Neill was:
Portrait of Aaron LandonAaron Landon
Aaron Landon was:
Portrait of Meredith AdelaideMeredith Adelaide
Jock's Girlfriend
Meredith Adelaide was:
Portrait of Ray BuckleyRay Buckley
Jock's Friend
Ray Buckley was:
Portrait of Danny BelroseDanny Belrose
Danny Belrose was:
Portrait of Grant ReschkeGrant Reschke
Older Boy
Grant Reschke was:
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