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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Younger and Younger

Younger and Younger

Release Date: Friday, October 1 1993 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
Jonathan Younger
Donald Sutherland was:
Portrait of Lolita DavidovichLolita Davidovich
Lolita Davidovich was:
Portrait of Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser
Winston Younger
Brendan Fraser was:
Portrait of Sally KellermanSally Kellerman
ZigZag Lilian
Sally Kellerman was:
Portrait of Julie DelpyJulie Delpy
Julie Delpy was:
Portrait of Linda HuntLinda Hunt
Linda Hunt was:
Portrait of Pit KrügerPit Krüger
Pit Krüger was:
Portrait of Nicholas GunnNicholas Gunn
Nicholas Gunn was:
Portrait of Erick WeissErick Weiss
Erick Weiss was:
Portrait of Connie DaneseConnie Danese
Connie Danese was:
Portrait of Sabina WeberSabina Weber
Sabina Weber was:
Portrait of Jay BrooksJay Brooks
Jay Brooks was:
Portrait of Milton Clark Jr.Milton Clark Jr.
Milton Clark Jr. was:
Portrait of Davida WilliamsDavida Williams
Davida Williams was:
Portrait of Ellen BlakeEllen Blake
Ellen Blake was:
Portrait of Chris WarfieldChris Warfield
Blind Man
Chris Warfield was:
Portrait of Darlene ColaiutaDarlene Colaiuta
Pretty Woman
Darlene Colaiuta was:
Portrait of June EllisJune Ellis
Auntie E
June Ellis was:
Portrait of Kim LittleKim Little
Kim Little was:
Portrait of Fran PadillaFran Padilla
Fran Padilla was:
Portrait of Monica CalhounMonica Calhoun
Monica Calhoun was:
Portrait of Bonnie HellmanBonnie Hellman
File Jane
Bonnie Hellman was:
Portrait of Barry GraysonBarry Grayson
Gay White Man
Barry Grayson was:
Portrait of Oscar JordanOscar Jordan
Gay Black Man
Oscar Jordan was:
Portrait of Allen BloomfieldAllen Bloomfield
Allen Bloomfield was:
Portrait of Debra DawnDebra Dawn
Jonathan’s Dancer
Debra Dawn was:
Portrait of Stormie IngramStormie Ingram
Swing Dancer
Stormie Ingram was:
Portrait of Johnny CrearJohnny Crear
Johnny Crear was:
Portrait of Bergen WilliamsBergen Williams
Tall Woman
Bergen Williams was:
Portrait of Jeffrey WinnerJeffrey Winner
Short Man
Jeffrey Winner was:
Portrait of Lisa NiemiLisa Niemi
Donna Wetter
Lisa Niemi was:
Portrait of Don MathesonDon Matheson
Don Matheson was:
Portrait of Susan FrenchSusan French
Susan French was:
Portrait of Duane TaniguchiDuane Taniguchi
Young Man
Duane Taniguchi was:
Portrait of Paul BordmanPaul Bordman
Elderly Man
Paul Bordman was:
Portrait of Ralph AhnRalph Ahn
Asian Man
Ralph Ahn was:
Portrait of Alison BerglasAlison Berglas
Swing Dancer
Alison Berglas was:
Portrait of Doreen LevineDoreen Levine
Swing Dancer
Doreen Levine was:
Portrait of Sal PacinoSal Pacino
Swing Dancer
Sal Pacino was:
Portrait of Douglas HillDouglas Hill
Swing Dancer
Douglas Hill was:
Portrait of Andre TrepenierAndre Trepenier
Swing Dancer
Andre Trepenier was:
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