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Poster of Yellowknife


Release Date: Friday, February 22 2002 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of Philippe ClémentPhilippe Clément
Philippe Clément was:
Portrait of Brad MannBrad Mann
Brad Mann was:
Portrait of Todd MannTodd Mann
Todd Mann was:
Portrait of Claude LemieuxClaude Lemieux
Claude Lemieux was:
Portrait of Glen GouldGlen Gould
Glen Gould was:
Portrait of Hélène FlorentHélène Florent
Hélène Florent was:
Portrait of Patsy GallantPatsy Gallant
Marlène Bédard
Patsy Gallant was:
Portrait of Melvin SwanMelvin Swan
Police Officer - Native Reserve
Melvin Swan was:
Portrait of Thérèse BartelThérèse Bartel
Thérèse Bartel was:
Portrait of Gisèle CaissieGisèle Caissie
Gisèle Caissie was:
Portrait of Marie-Thérèse FrançoisMarie-Thérèse François
Woman in motel hallway
Marie-Thérèse François was:
Portrait of Tonia LevyTonia Levy
Chambermaid #1
Tonia Levy was:
Portrait of Jean-Clément GunterJean-Clément Gunter
Chambermaid #2
Jean-Clément Gunter was:
Portrait of Eric HopperEric Hopper
Doorman - Club Mystique
Eric Hopper was:
Portrait of Melisha McLellanMelisha McLellan
Doorman - Club Mystique
Melisha McLellan was:
Portrait of Mario MercierMario Mercier
Bartender at Bare 'N' It All
Mario Mercier was:
Portrait of Eric JacksonEric Jackson
Dancer at Bare 'N' It All
Eric Jackson was:
Portrait of Marc CormierMarc Cormier
Doughnut Shop Employee
Marc Cormier was:
Portrait of Mike WardMike Ward
Police Officer - Yellowknife
Mike Ward was:
Portrait of Tracy OliverTracy Oliver
Police Officer - Yellowknife
Tracy Oliver was:
Portrait of Rommel VianzonRommel Vianzon
Police Officer - Yellowknife
Rommel Vianzon was:
Portrait of Dennis WestbrockDennis Westbrock
Police Officer - Yellowknife
Dennis Westbrock was:
Portrait of Victor TssessazeVictor Tssessaze
Police Officer
Victor Tssessaze was:
Portrait of Ron KrugRon Krug
Pianist - Casino
Ron Krug was:
Portrait of Cynthia McLeodCynthia McLeod
Barmaid - Casino
Cynthia McLeod was:
Portrait of Claudia BoudreauClaudia Boudreau
Barmaid - Casino
Claudia Boudreau was:
Portrait of Orville PasheOrville Pashe
Barmaid - Casino
Orville Pashe was:
Portrait of Raymond AzezRaymond Azez
Bartender - Casino
Raymond Azez was:
Portrait of Che PrinceChe Prince
Blackjack Dealer
Che Prince was:
Portrait of Gerald MurdockGerald Murdock
Blackjack Dealer
Gerald Murdock was:
Portrait of James HaugJames Haug
Blackjack Dealer
James Haug was:
Portrait of Jennifer CookJennifer Cook
Blackjack Dealer
Jennifer Cook was:
Portrait of Patrick MicuPatrick Micu
Blackjack Dealer
Patrick Micu was:
Portrait of Jason BinkleyJason Binkley
Casino Empoyee
Jason Binkley was:
Portrait of Lizette GaudryLizette Gaudry
Casino Empoyee
Lizette Gaudry was:
Portrait of Holly SandersonHolly Sanderson
Casino Empoyee
Holly Sanderson was:
Portrait of Lory AcobyLory Acoby
Casino Empoyee
Lory Acoby was:
Portrait of Jason LibertyJason Liberty
Casino Waiter
Jason Liberty was:
Portrait of Heather BoroskiHeather Boroski
Woman with twins - casino
Heather Boroski was:
Portrait of Meg ToonstraMeg Toonstra
Woman with twins - casino
Meg Toonstra was:
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