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Poster of The Last Tunnel

The Last Tunnel

Release Date: Friday, March 12 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Michel CôtéMichel Côté
Marcel Talon
Michel Côté was:
Portrait of Jean LapointeJean Lapointe
Fred Giguere
Jean Lapointe was:
Portrait of Christopher HeyerdahlChristopher Heyerdahl
Christopher Heyerdahl was:
Portrait of Nicolas CanuelNicolas Canuel
Vincent Savard
Nicolas Canuel was:
Portrait of Marie-France MarcotteMarie-France Marcotte
Magdeleine " Maggy " Fortin
Marie-France Marcotte was:
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Regis Turcotte
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of Céline BonnierCéline Bonnier
Annie Beaudoin
Céline Bonnier was:
Portrait of Anick LemayAnick Lemay
Isabelle Parenteau
Anick Lemay was:
Portrait of Jean-François BeaupréJean-François Beaupré
Sgt. Létourneau
Jean-François Beaupré was:
Portrait of Michel MongeauMichel Mongeau
Paolo Morrietti
Michel Mongeau was:
Portrait of Jean-François BoudreauJean-François Boudreau
Mathieu Arcand
Jean-François Boudreau was:
Portrait of Steve BannerSteve Banner
Denis Morissette
Steve Banner was:
Portrait of Widemir NormilWidemir Normil
Gardien Robert Jolicoeur
Widemir Normil was:
Portrait of Martin ThibaudeauMartin Thibaudeau
Joel Falardeau
Martin Thibaudeau was:
Portrait of Fanou LanciaultFanou Lanciault
Assistante de Morissette
Fanou Lanciault was:
Portrait of Chantal CollinChantal Collin
Policière Turcotte
Chantal Collin was:
Portrait of Isabelle MoreauIsabelle Moreau
Jeune Secrétaire
Isabelle Moreau was:
Portrait of André HérouxAndré Héroux
Chauffeur Banque
André Héroux was:
Portrait of Martin-Guy BélangerMartin-Guy Bélanger
Otage Bélanger
Martin-Guy Bélanger was:
Portrait of Gilles PoitrasGilles Poitras
Otage Forcier
Gilles Poitras was:
Portrait of Yves FrancoeurYves Francoeur
Assistant de Morissette
Yves Francoeur was:
Portrait of Yan BaltéYan Balté
Yan Balté was:
Portrait of Steve BerthelotteSteve Berthelotte
Steve Berthelotte was:
Portrait of Freddy BessaFreddy Bessa
Freddy Bessa was:
Portrait of Roger BissonRoger Bisson
Détective Francoeur
Roger Bisson was:
Portrait of Éric BélangerÉric Bélanger
Éric Bélanger was:
Portrait of Richard ChampagneRichard Champagne
Richard Champagne was:
Portrait of Jean-Sébastien CharronJean-Sébastien Charron
Jean-Sébastien Charron was:
Portrait of Lise ChenierLise Chenier
Lise Chenier was:
Portrait of Michel Gregory DagenaisMichel Gregory Dagenais
Michel Gregory Dagenais was:
Portrait of Brian DeerBrian Deer
Brian Deer was:
Portrait of François DesrochersFrançois Desrochers
François Desrochers was:
Portrait of David Di CarloDavid Di Carlo
Collègue de policière
David Di Carlo was:
Portrait of Terry DiaboTerry Diabo
Terry Diabo was:
Portrait of Daniel DuhaimeDaniel Duhaime
Conducteur de camion
Daniel Duhaime was:
Portrait of Guy GermainGuy Germain
Guy Germain was:
Portrait of Hugo GirouxHugo Giroux
Détective Gill
Hugo Giroux was:
Portrait of Ghislain HébertGhislain Hébert
Ghislain Hébert was:
Portrait of Catherine HérouxCatherine Héroux
Catherine Héroux was:
Portrait of Karina IraolaKarina Iraola
Jolie fille
Karina Iraola was:
Portrait of Bruce KahnBruce Kahn
Bruce Kahn was:
Portrait of Éric LegaultÉric Legault
Éric Legault was:
Portrait of Eric LehnerEric Lehner
Eric Lehner was:
Portrait of Stéphanie MarchandStéphanie Marchand
Stéphanie Marchand was:
Portrait of Christian NantelChristian Nantel
Christian Nantel was:
Portrait of Denis PerrierDenis Perrier
Denis Perrier was:
Portrait of Marc St-GermainMarc St-Germain
Marc St-Germain was:
Portrait of Stéphane TessierStéphane Tessier
Stéphane Tessier was:
Portrait of François LambertFrançois Lambert
Hostage Pierre Villeneuve
François Lambert was:
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