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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Beautiful Beast

The Beautiful Beast

Release Date: Friday, November 3 2006 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Carole LaureCarole Laure
Carole Laure was:
Portrait of Caroline DhavernasCaroline Dhavernas
Caroline Dhavernas was:
Portrait of Marc-André GrondinMarc-André Grondin
Marc-André Grondin was:
Portrait of David La HayeDavid La Haye
David La Haye was:
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of Ludivine RedingLudivine Reding
Ludivine Reding was:
Portrait of Normand LévesqueNormand Lévesque
Normand Lévesque was:
Portrait of Nicolas Girard DeltrucNicolas Girard Deltruc
Vendeur de journaux
Nicolas Girard Deltruc was:
Portrait of Richard TasséRichard Tassé
Richard Tassé was:
Portrait of Gregoire DunlevyGregoire Dunlevy
Homme cheval
Gregoire Dunlevy was:
Portrait of Florence PoirierFlorence Poirier
Isabelle-Marie (7 ans)
Florence Poirier was:
Portrait of Sydney DescarySydney Descary
Patrice (6 ans)
Sydney Descary was:
Portrait of Hans BédardHans Bédard
Hans Bédard was:
Portrait of Nico LagardeNico Lagarde
Infirmière 1
Nico Lagarde was:
Portrait of Maryse LagacéMaryse Lagacé
Infirmière 2
Maryse Lagacé was:
Portrait of Jean RégnierJean Régnier
Préposé 1
Jean Régnier was:
Portrait of Carmen FerlandCarmen Ferland
Préposée 2
Carmen Ferland was:
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