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Poster of The Barbarian Invasions

The Barbarian Invasions

Release Date: Wednesday, September 24 2003 (19 years ago)
Portrait of Rémy GirardRémy Girard
Rémy Girard was:
Portrait of Stéphane RousseauStéphane Rousseau
Stéphane Rousseau was:
Portrait of Marie-Josée CrozeMarie-Josée Croze
Marie-Josée Croze was:
Portrait of Dorothée BerrymanDorothée Berryman
Dorothée Berryman was:
Portrait of Louise PortalLouise Portal
Louise Portal was:
Portrait of Dominique MichelDominique Michel
Dominique Michel was:
Portrait of Pierre CurziPierre Curzi
Pierre Curzi was:
Portrait of Yves JacquesYves Jacques
Yves Jacques was:
Portrait of Marina HandsMarina Hands
Marina Hands was:
Portrait of Sophie LorainSophie Lorain
First Lover
Sophie Lorain was:
Portrait of Johanne-Marie TremblayJohanne-Marie Tremblay
Sister Constance Lazure
Johanne-Marie Tremblay was:
Portrait of Mitsou GélinasMitsou Gélinas
Mitsou Gélinas was:
Portrait of Isabelle BlaisIsabelle Blais
Isabelle Blais was:
Portrait of Markita BoiesMarkita Boies
Nurse Suzanne
Markita Boies was:
Portrait of Micheline LanctôtMicheline Lanctôt
Nurse Carole
Micheline Lanctôt was:
Portrait of Denis BouchardDenis Bouchard
Denis Bouchard was:
Portrait of Sylvie DrapeauSylvie Drapeau
Second Lover
Sylvie Drapeau was:
Portrait of Dominic DarceuilDominic Darceuil
Dominic Darceuil was:
Portrait of Yves DesgagnésYves Desgagnés
Yves Desgagnés was:
Portrait of Gilles PelletierGilles Pelletier
Priest Raymond Leclerc
Gilles Pelletier was:
Portrait of Jean-René OuelletJean-René Ouellet
Dr. Dubé
Jean-René Ouellet was:
Portrait of Macha GrenonMacha Grenon
Macha Grenon was:
Portrait of Gaston LepageGaston Lepage
Security Guard
Gaston Lepage was:
Portrait of Daniel BrièreDaniel Brière
Alain Lussier
Daniel Brière was:
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of Rose-Maïté ErkorekaRose-Maïté Erkoreka
Rose-Maïté Erkoreka was:
Portrait of Roy DupuisRoy Dupuis
Gilles Levac
Roy Dupuis was:
Portrait of Sébastien RicardSébastien Ricard
Sébastien Ricard was:
Portrait of Bonnie MakBonnie Mak
Bonnie Mak was:
Portrait of Frédéric GillesFrédéric Gilles
Frédéric Gilles was:
Portrait of Denys ArcandDenys Arcand
Unionist (uncredited)
Denys Arcand was:
Portrait of David GowDavid Gow
David Gow was:
Portrait of Dawn LambingDawn Lambing
Dawn Lambing was:
Portrait of Valérie JeanneretValérie Jeanneret
Valérie Jeanneret was:
Portrait of Valérie WisemanValérie Wiseman
Valérie Wiseman was:
Portrait of François DomercFrançois Domerc
François Domerc was:
Portrait of Julie BeaucheminJulie Beauchemin
Julie Beauchemin was:
Portrait of Fanny MalletteFanny Mallette
Fanny Mallette was:
Portrait of Lise RoyLise Roy
Mme. Joncas-Pelletier
Lise Roy was:
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