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Poster of Polytechnique


Release Date: Friday, February 6 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Maxim GaudetteMaxim Gaudette
The Assassin
Maxim Gaudette was:
Portrait of Sébastien HuberdeauSébastien Huberdeau
Sébastien Huberdeau was:
Portrait of Karine VanasseKarine Vanasse
Karine Vanasse was:
Portrait of Evelyne BrochuEvelyne Brochu
Evelyne Brochu was:
Portrait of Martin WatierMartin Watier
Jean-François (voice)
Martin Watier was:
Portrait of Johanne-Marie TremblayJohanne-Marie Tremblay
Jean-François' Mother
Johanne-Marie Tremblay was:
Portrait of Natalie Hamel-RoyNatalie Hamel-Roy
Jean-François' Mother (voice)
Natalie Hamel-Roy was:
Portrait of Pierre-Yves CardinalPierre-Yves Cardinal
Pierre-Yves Cardinal was:
Portrait of Pierre LeblancPierre Leblanc
Mr. Martineau
Pierre Leblanc was:
Portrait of Francesca BarcenasFrancesca Barcenas
Injured Student at Copier
Francesca Barcenas was:
Portrait of Ève DuranceauÈve Duranceau
Student with the Ear Injury
Ève Duranceau was:
Portrait of Mathieu LedouxMathieu Ledoux
Injured Student
Mathieu Ledoux was:
Portrait of Adam KoshAdam Kosh
Killer's Roommate
Adam Kosh was:
Portrait of Larissa CorriveauLarissa Corriveau
Killer's Neighboor
Larissa Corriveau was:
Portrait of Manon LapointeManon Lapointe
Killer's Mother
Manon Lapointe was:
Portrait of Kim Lavack-PaquinKim Lavack-Paquin
Student at the Library
Kim Lavack-Paquin was:
Portrait of Mireille BrullemansMireille Brullemans
Admission Office's Secretary
Mireille Brullemans was:
Portrait of Pier-Olivier PaquetPier-Olivier Paquet
Student at the Admission Office
Pier-Olivier Paquet was:
Portrait of Louise ProulxLouise Proulx
Secretary in Waiting Room
Louise Proulx was:
Portrait of Lily ThibeaultLily Thibeault
Female Student at the Copy Room
Lily Thibeault was:
Portrait of Robert ReynaertRobert Reynaert
Teacher in First Classroom
Robert Reynaert was:
Portrait of Stéphane JulienStéphane Julien
Student in the Escalator
Stéphane Julien was:
Portrait of Pierre-Xavier MartelPierre-Xavier Martel
Security Guard
Pierre-Xavier Martel was:
Portrait of Marc-André BriseboisMarc-André Brisebois
Student in the Stairs
Marc-André Brisebois was:
Portrait of François-Xavier DufourFrançois-Xavier Dufour
Student in 3rd Floor Corridor
François-Xavier Dufour was:
Portrait of Sophie DesmaraisSophie Desmarais
Female Student - 3rd Floor Corridor
Sophie Desmarais was:
Portrait of Antoine TouchetteAntoine Touchette
Male Student in Common Room
Antoine Touchette was:
Portrait of Emmanuelle GirardEmmanuelle Girard
Student Behind Speakers
Emmanuelle Girard was:
Portrait of Anne TrudelAnne Trudel
Student Behind Speakers
Anne Trudel was:
Portrait of Nathalie GirardNathalie Girard
Injured Student
Nathalie Girard was:
Portrait of Eve GadouasEve Gadouas
Female Student in First Classroom
Eve Gadouas was:
Portrait of Marie-Évelyne BaribeauMarie-Évelyne Baribeau
Female Student in First Classroom
Marie-Évelyne Baribeau was:
Portrait of Valerie CadieuxValerie Cadieux
Female Student in First Classroom
Valerie Cadieux was:
Portrait of Valérie CharlandValérie Charland
Female Student in First Classroom
Valérie Charland was:
Portrait of Cathy LabrecqueCathy Labrecque
Female Student in First Classroom
Cathy Labrecque was:
Portrait of Cynthia Wu-MaheuxCynthia Wu-Maheux
Female Student in First Classroom
Cynthia Wu-Maheux was:
Portrait of Josée LacombeJosée Lacombe
Female Student in First Classroom
Josée Lacombe was:
Portrait of Alexis LefebvreAlexis Lefebvre
Male Student in First Classroom
Alexis Lefebvre was:
Portrait of Julien MarandaJulien Maranda
Male Student in First Classroom
Julien Maranda was:
Portrait of Alexandre St-MartinAlexandre St-Martin
Male Student in First Classroom
Alexandre St-Martin was:
Portrait of Jonathan DubskyJonathan Dubsky
Distracted Student
Jonathan Dubsky was:
Portrait of Marc FrancoeurMarc Francoeur
Valérie's Father
Marc Francoeur was:
Portrait of Dawn FordDawn Ford
Valérie's Mother
Dawn Ford was:
Portrait of Chantale BilodeauChantale Bilodeau
Chantale Bilodeau was:
Portrait of Eugénie BeaudryEugénie Beaudry
Female Student at Blackboard
Eugénie Beaudry was:
Portrait of Denis Lehoux-FaucherDenis Lehoux-Faucher
Engineer #1
Denis Lehoux-Faucher was:
Portrait of Marc GourdeauMarc Gourdeau
Engineer #2
Marc Gourdeau was:
Portrait of Nir AssayagNir Assayag
Male Student in First Classroom
Nir Assayag was:
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