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Release Date: 1950-12-04 (70 years ago)
James Stewart
Elwood P. Dowd
James Stewart was:
Josephine Hull
Veta Louise Dowd Simmons
Josephine Hull was:
Charles Drake
Dr. Sanderson
Charles Drake was:
Peggy Dow
Miss Kelly
Peggy Dow was:
Victoria Horne
Myrtle Mae Simmons
Victoria Horne was:
Jesse White
Marvin Wilson - orderly
Jesse White was:
Cecil Kellaway
Dr. Chumley
Cecil Kellaway was:
William H. Lynn
Judge Gaffney
William H. Lynn was:
Dick Wessel
Mr. Cracker
Dick Wessel was:
Harry Hines
Mr. Meegles
Harry Hines was:
Grayce Mills
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet
Grayce Mills was:
Norman Leavitt
Henry - 1st Cabbie
Norman Leavitt was:
Minerva Urecal
Nurse Dunphy
Minerva Urecal was:
Clem Bevans
Herman - Sanitarium gatekeeper
Clem Bevans was:
Nana Bryant
Mrs. Hazel Chumley
Nana Bryant was:
Wallace Ford
E.J. Lofgren - 2d Cabbie
Wallace Ford was:
Harvey was:
Don Brodie
Mailman (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
Aileen Carlyle
Mrs. Tewksbury (uncredited)
Aileen Carlyle was:
Polly Bailey
Mrs. Krausmeyer (uncredited)
Polly Bailey was:
Sally Corner
Mrs. Cummings (uncredited)
Sally Corner was:
Eula Guy
Mrs. Johnson - Maid Who Quits (uncredited)
Eula Guy was:
Sam Wolfe
Mr. Minninger (uncredited)
Sam Wolfe was:
Grayce Hampton
Mrs. Strickleberger (uncredited)
Grayce Hampton was:
Maudie Prickett
Elvira the Cook (uncredited)
Maudie Prickett was:
Edwin Max
First Bar Patron (uncredited)
Edwin Max was:
Anne O'Neal
Dr. Schwartz's Nurse (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal was:
Almira Sessions
Mrs. Halsey (uncredited)
Almira Sessions was:
Pat Flaherty
Policeman (uncredited)
Pat Flaherty was:
Ruthelma Stevens
Miss LaFay (uncredited)
Ruthelma Stevens was:
Fess Parker
Voice of Leslie the Chauffeur (uncredited)
Fess Parker was:
Leo Sulky
Leo Sulky was:
Gino Corrado
Eccentric Man (scenes deleted)
Gino Corrado was:
Charles Perry
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Charles Perry was:
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