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Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife

Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife

Release Date: 1933-01-13 (88 years ago)
Nora Lane
Dorothy Roberts
Nora Lane was:
Cornelius Keefe
Edward Baker
Cornelius Keefe was:
Ruthelma Stevens
Stoneage Opponent's Wife / Duchess of Worcestshire / Mrs. Haley
Ruthelma Stevens was:
Grady Sutton
Baker's Rival Suitor
Grady Sutton was:
Marjorie Beebe
Stoneage Woman / Anne Boleyn
Marjorie Beebe was:
Bud Jamison
Bud Jamison was:
Richard Cramer
Stoneage Bridge Player / King Henry VIII / Mr. Roberts
Richard Cramer was:
Ted Stroback
Stoneage Opponent / Duke of Worcestershire / Mr. Haley
Ted Stroback was:
Marvin Loback
Kibitzer lin Stockade
Marvin Loback was:
Julia Griffith
Mrs. Roberts
Julia Griffith was:
Ernie Alexander
Room Service
Ernie Alexander was:
Gladys Blake
Gertie - Stenographer
Gladys Blake was:
Charles De La Motte
Flower Stand Vendor
Charles De La Motte was:
George Gray
Henry VIII's Storekeeper
George Gray was:
Gladys Jeans
Girl Jumping Rope
Gladys Jeans was:
Betsy LaRue
Girl Jumping Rope
Betsy LaRue was:
Harry Ray
Delivery Boy
Harry Ray was:
Marion Weldon
Girl Jumping Rope
Marion Weldon was:
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