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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Carbide and Sorrel

Carbide and Sorrel

Release Date: 1963-12-27 (57 years ago)
Erwin Geschonneck
Erwin Geschonneck was:
Marita Böhme
Marita Böhme was:
Manja Behrens
Manja Behrens was:
Margot Busse
Margot Busse was:
Kurt Rackelmann
Kurt Rackelmann was:
Rudolf Asmus
Rudolf Asmus was:
Hans-Dieter Schlegel
Hans-Dieter Schlegel was:
Fred Delmare
Fred Delmare was:
Bruno Carstens
Bruno Carstens was:
Aleksei Presnetsov
Sowjetischer Kommandant
Aleksei Presnetsov was:
Leonid Swjetlow
Leonid Swjetlow was:
Peter Dommisch
Peter Dommisch was:
Fred Ludwig
Fred Ludwig was:
Hans Hardt-Hardtloff
Hans Hardt-Hardtloff was:
Werner Möhring
Werner Möhring was:
Günter Rüger
Günter Rüger was:
Fritz Diez
Fritz Diez was:
Jochen Thomas
Jochen Thomas was:
Peter Kalisch
Peter Kalisch was:
Otto Saltzmann
Otto Saltzmann was:
Albert Zahn
Albert Zahn was:
Wolfram Handel
Wolfram Handel was:
Gerd Ehlers
Gerd Ehlers was:
Elsa Grube-Deister
Elsa Grube-Deister was:
Gina Presgott
Gina Presgott was:
Agnes Kraus
Agnes Kraus was:
Sabine Thalbach
Sabine Thalbach was:
Else Korén
Else Korén was:
Maria Besendahl
Maria Besendahl was:
Gertrud Brendler
Gertrud Brendler was:
Frank Michelis
Frank Michelis was:
Hermann Eckhardt
Hermann Eckhardt was:
Georg Helge
Georg Helge was:
Hanna Rieger
Hanna Rieger was:
Jochen Diestelmann
Jochen Diestelmann was:
Harald Moszdorf
Harald Moszdorf was:
Horst Giese
Horst Giese was:
Werner Pfeifer
Werner Pfeifer was:
Gisela Graupner
Gisela Graupner was:
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