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Eto Na Naman Ako

Eto Na Naman Ako

Release Date: 2000-06-07 (21 years ago)
Robin Padilla
Abet Dimaguiba
Robin Padilla was:
Vina Morales
Ana Maria Ledesma
Vina Morales was:
Troy Montero
Vince Madrigal
Troy Montero was:
Candy Pangilinan
Candy Pangilinan was:
Chinggoy Alonzo
Don Jaime Madrigal
Chinggoy Alonzo was:
Rosemarie Gil
Doña Josefa Madrigal
Rosemarie Gil was:
Charlie Davao
General Acosta
Charlie Davao was:
Allan Paule
Gregory Valdez
Allan Paule was:
Boy Roque
Clayton Rosales
Boy Roque was:
July Hidalgo
July Hidalgo was:
Royette Padilla
Royette Padilla was:
Vangie Labalan
Vangie Labalan was:
Levi Ignacio
Levi Ignacio was:
Rico Miguel
Rico Miguel was:
Jun Hidalgo
Jun Hidalgo was:
Gino Padilla
Gino Padilla was:
Joe Jardi
Joe Jardi was:
Cris Aguilar
Cris Aguilar was:
Alex Cunanan
Alex Cunanan was:
P.J. Oreta
P.J. Oreta was:
Lindsay Custodio
Lindsay Custodio was:
Boy Abunda
Boy Abunda was:
Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino was:
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