Poster of Twilight of the Ice Nymphs

Twilight of the Ice Nymphs

Release Date: Tuesday, September 9 1997
25 years ago
Portrait of Pascale BussièresPascale Bussières
Juliana Kossel
Pascale Bussières was:
Thu, Jun 27 1968
Portrait of Shelley DuvallShelley Duvall
Amelia Glahn
Shelley Duvall was:
Thu, Jul 07 1949
Portrait of Frank GorshinFrank Gorshin
Cain Ball
Frank Gorshin was:
Wed, Apr 05 1933
Tue, May 17 2005
Portrait of Alice KrigeAlice Krige
Zephyr Eccles
Alice Krige was:
Mon, Jun 28 1954
Portrait of R. H. ThomsonR. H. Thomson
Dr. Issac Solti
R. H. Thomson was:
Wed, Sep 24 1947
Portrait of Ross McMillanRoss McMillan
Matthew Eccles / Voice of Peter Glahn
Ross McMillan was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Nigel WhitmeyNigel Whitmey
Peter Glahn (uncredited)
Nigel Whitmey was:
Sat, Feb 23 1963