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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Road Back

The Road Back

Release Date: Tuesday, June 1 1937 (85 years ago)
Portrait of John 'Dusty' KingJohn 'Dusty' King
John 'Dusty' King was:
Portrait of Richard CromwellRichard Cromwell
Richard Cromwell was:
Portrait of Slim SummervilleSlim Summerville
Slim Summerville was:
Portrait of Andy DevineAndy Devine
Andy Devine was:
Portrait of Barbara ReadBarbara Read
Barbara Read was:
Portrait of Louise FazendaLouise Fazenda
Louise Fazenda was:
Portrait of Noah Beery Jr.Noah Beery Jr.
Noah Beery Jr. was:
Portrait of Maurice MurphyMaurice Murphy
Maurice Murphy was:
Portrait of John EmeryJohn Emery
Captain Von Hagen
John Emery was:
Portrait of Etienne GirardotEtienne Girardot
Etienne Girardot was:
Portrait of Lionel AtwillLionel Atwill
Lionel Atwill was:
Portrait of Henry HunterHenry Hunter
Henry Hunter was:
Portrait of Larry J. BlakeLarry J. Blake
Weil (as Larry Blake)
Larry J. Blake was:
Portrait of Gene GarrickGene Garrick
Gene Garrick was:
Portrait of Marilyn HarrisMarilyn Harris
Maria - Ernst's Sister
Marilyn Harris was:
Portrait of Jean RouverolJean Rouverol
Jean Rouverol was:
Portrait of Spring ByingtonSpring Byington
Ernst's Mother
Spring Byington was:
Portrait of Frank ReicherFrank Reicher
Ernst's Father
Frank Reicher was:
Portrait of Arthur HohlArthur Hohl
Arthur Hohl was:
Portrait of William B. DavidsonWilliam B. Davidson
William B. Davidson was:
Portrait of Al SheanAl Shean
Al Shean was:
Portrait of Edwin MaxwellEdwin Maxwell
Edwin Maxwell was:
Portrait of Clara BlandickClara Blandick
Willy's Mother
Clara Blandick was:
Portrait of Samuel S. HindsSamuel S. Hinds
Defense Attorney
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Robert Warwick was:
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