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Poster of The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

Release Date: Thursday, June 16 1932 (90 years ago)
Portrait of Bette DavisBette Davis
Kay Russell
Bette Davis was:
Portrait of Warren WilliamWarren William
Hal Samson Blake
Warren William was:
Portrait of Guy KibbeeGuy Kibbee
Zachary Hicks
Guy Kibbee was:
Portrait of Vivienne OsborneVivienne Osborne
Hal's Ex-Wife Maybelle Blake
Vivienne Osborne was:
Portrait of Frank McHughFrank McHugh
Frank McHugh was:
Portrait of Sam HardySam Hardy
Mr. Black
Sam Hardy was:
Portrait of Harry HolmanHarry Holman
Mr. Jones
Harry Holman was:
Portrait of Charles SellonCharles Sellon
Mr. Green
Charles Sellon was:
Portrait of Robert Emmett O'ConnorRobert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Emmett O'Connor was:
Portrait of Berton ChurchillBerton Churchill
William A. Underwood
Berton Churchill was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Mr. Clark
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Louise BeaversLouise Beavers
Kay's Maid Levinnia
Louise Beavers was:
Portrait of Harry C. BradleyHarry C. Bradley
Blue Ribbon Man
Harry C. Bradley was:
Portrait of Harrison GreeneHarrison Greene
Delegate Next to Hicks
Harrison Greene was:
Portrait of Harry LeroyHarry Leroy
Harry Leroy was:
Portrait of Wilfred LucasWilfred Lucas
Debate Chairman
Wilfred Lucas was:
Portrait of Wilbur MackWilbur Mack
Conservative Party Man
Wilbur Mack was:
Portrait of Tom McGuireTom McGuire
Conservative Party Man
Tom McGuire was:
Portrait of Bert MoorhouseBert Moorhouse
Bert Moorhouse was:
Portrait of Edmund MortimerEdmund Mortimer
Convention Delegate
Edmund Mortimer was:
Portrait of Field NortonField Norton
Field Norton was:
Portrait of Henry OthoHenry Otho
Delegate Spreading the Word
Henry Otho was:
Portrait of Paul PanzerPaul Panzer
Delegate Telephoning
Paul Panzer was:
Portrait of Cyril RingCyril Ring
Airport Clerk
Cyril Ring was:
Portrait of Cliff SaumCliff Saum
Progressive Party Man
Cliff Saum was:
Portrait of Harry SeymourHarry Seymour
Conservative Party Man
Harry Seymour was:
Portrait of Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock
Progressive Party Man
Charles Sherlock was:
Portrait of Phil TeadPhil Tead
Phil Tead was:
Portrait of Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
Blackfeet Indian Chief
Jim Thorpe was:
Portrait of Monte VandergriftMonte Vandergrift
Monte Vandergrift was:
Portrait of Harry WilsonHarry Wilson
Man in Jail Cell
Harry Wilson was:
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