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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar

Release Date: Thursday, December 22 1932 (89 years ago)
Portrait of Edward G. RobinsonEdward G. Robinson
Yates Martin
Edward G. Robinson was:
Portrait of Bebe DanielsBebe Daniels
Lily Owens Martin
Bebe Daniels was:
Portrait of Aline MacMahonAline MacMahon
Sarah Martin
Aline MacMahon was:
Portrait of DeWitt JenningsDeWitt Jennings
George, the Mine Foreman
DeWitt Jennings was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Colonel Stanton
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Russell SimpsonRussell Simpson
Russell Simpson was:
Portrait of Harry HolmanHarry Holman
Harry Holman was:
Portrait of Bonita GranvilleBonita Granville
Liddy (uncredited)
Bonita Granville was:
Portrait of Charles MiddletonCharles Middleton
Charles Middleton was:
Portrait of Emmett CorriganEmmett Corrigan
President Arthur
Emmett Corrigan was:
Portrait of Christian RubChristian Rub
Christian Rub was:
Portrait of Lee KohlmarLee Kohlmar
Lee Kohlmar was:
Portrait of Wade BotelerWade Boteler
A miner
Wade Boteler was:
Portrait of William Le MaireWilliam Le Maire
A miner
William Le Maire was:
Portrait of John MarstonJohn Marston
John Marston was:
Portrait of Marjorie GatesonMarjorie Gateson
Mrs. Adams
Marjorie Gateson was:
Portrait of David DurandDavid Durand
David Durand was:
Portrait of Theresa Maxwell ConoverTheresa Maxwell Conover
Mrs. Hamlin
Theresa Maxwell Conover was:
Portrait of Leon WaycoffLeon Waycoff
Leon Waycoff was:
Portrait of Virginia EdwardsVirginia Edwards
Emma Abbott
Virginia Edwards was:
Portrait of Walter RogersWalter Rogers
General Grant
Walter Rogers was:
Portrait of Niles WelchNiles Welch
William Jennings Bryan
Niles Welch was:
Portrait of Jobyna HowlandJobyna Howland
Poker Annie
Jobyna Howland was:
Portrait of Edward McNamaraEdward McNamara
Senate bartender
Edward McNamara was:
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