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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Pirates of Monterey

Pirates of Monterey

Release Date: Monday, December 1 1947 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Maria MontezMaria Montez
Marguerita Novarro
Maria Montez was:
Portrait of Rod CameronRod Cameron
Captain Phillip Kent
Rod Cameron was:
Portrait of Mikhail RasumnyMikhail Rasumny
Sergeant Pio
Mikhail Rasumny was:
Portrait of Phillip ReedPhillip Reed
Lt. Carlo Ortega
Phillip Reed was:
Portrait of Gilbert RolandGilbert Roland
Major de Roja
Gilbert Roland was:
Portrait of Gale SondergaardGale Sondergaard
Señorita de Sola
Gale Sondergaard was:
Portrait of Tamara ShayneTamara Shayne
Tamara Shayne was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Governor de Sola
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Michael RaffettoMichael Raffetto
Sgt. Gomara
Michael Raffetto was:
Portrait of Neyle MorrowNeyle Morrow
Manuel de Roja
Neyle Morrow was:
Portrait of Victor VarconiVictor Varconi
Capt. Cordova
Victor Varconi was:
Portrait of Charles WagenheimCharles Wagenheim
Charles Wagenheim was:
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