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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of I Married a Witch

I Married a Witch

Release Date: Friday, October 30 1942 (79 years ago)
Portrait of Fredric MarchFredric March
Jonathan / Nathaniel / Samuel / Wallace Wooley
Fredric March was:
Portrait of Veronica LakeVeronica Lake
Veronica Lake was:
Portrait of Robert BenchleyRobert Benchley
Dr. Dudley White
Robert Benchley was:
Portrait of Susan HaywardSusan Hayward
Estelle Masterson
Susan Hayward was:
Portrait of Cecil KellawayCecil Kellaway
Cecil Kellaway was:
Portrait of Elizabeth PattersonElizabeth Patterson
Elizabeth Patterson was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
J. B. Masterson
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Georgia BackusGeorgia Backus
Older Woman (uncredited)
Georgia Backus was:
Portrait of Charles BatesCharles Bates
Wooley's Son (uncredited)
Charles Bates was:
Portrait of Brooks BenedictBrooks Benedict
Country Club Guest (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Portrait of Billy BevanBilly Bevan
Puritan Vendor (uncredited)
Billy Bevan was:
Portrait of Edward BibyEdward Biby
Spectator at Fire (uncredited)
Edward Biby was:
Portrait of Marie BlakeMarie Blake
Purity Sykes (uncredited)
Marie Blake was:
Portrait of Monte BlueMonte Blue
Doorman (uncredited)
Monte Blue was:
Portrait of Aldrich BowkerAldrich Bowker
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Aldrich Bowker was:
Portrait of Al BridgeAl Bridge
Second Prison Guard (uncredited)
Al Bridge was:
Portrait of Nora CecilNora Cecil
Harriet Wooley (uncredited)
Nora Cecil was:
Portrait of Ann CarterAnn Carter
Jennifer Wooley (uncredited)
Ann Carter was:
Portrait of Chester ConklinChester Conklin
Party Bartender (uncredited)
Chester Conklin was:
Portrait of Gordon De MainGordon De Main
Man with Masterson on Radio (uncredited)
Gordon De Main was:
Portrait of Emma DunnEmma Dunn
Wife of Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Emma Dunn was:
Portrait of Ralph DunnRalph Dunn
First Prison Guard (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn was:
Portrait of Mary FieldMary Field
Nancy Wooley (uncredited)
Mary Field was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Matron of Honor (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Joe GilbertJoe Gilbert
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert was:
Portrait of Florence GillFlorence Gill
Woman Playing Chess (uncredited)
Florence Gill was:
Portrait of Robert GreigRobert Greig
Town Crier (uncredited)
Robert Greig was:
Portrait of Eily MalyonEily Malyon
Tabitha Wooley (uncredited)
Eily Malyon was:
Portrait of Charles R. MooreCharles R. Moore
Rufus - Samuel's Servant (uncredited)
Charles R. Moore was:
Portrait of Viola MooreViola Moore
Martha (uncredited)
Viola Moore was:
Portrait of Emory ParnellEmory Parnell
Allen - Hotel Owner (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Portrait of Helen St. RaynerHelen St. Rayner
Singer at Wedding (uncredited)
Helen St. Rayner was:
Portrait of Gino CorradoGino Corrado
Onlooker in Crowd
Gino Corrado was:
Portrait of Franklyn FarnumFranklyn Farnum
Country Club Guest
Franklyn Farnum was:
Portrait of James MillicanJames Millican
Wedding Guest
James Millican was:
Portrait of Cyril RingCyril Ring
Country Club Extra
Cyril Ring was:
Portrait of Bert StevensBert Stevens
Country Club Guest
Bert Stevens was:
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