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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

Release Date: Wednesday, November 9 1932 (89 years ago)
Portrait of Paul MuniPaul Muni
James Allen
Paul Muni was:
Portrait of Glenda FarrellGlenda Farrell
Marie Woods
Glenda Farrell was:
Portrait of Helen VinsonHelen Vinson
Helen Vinson was:
Portrait of Noel FrancisNoel Francis
Noel Francis was:
Portrait of Preston FosterPreston Foster
Preston Foster was:
Portrait of Allen JenkinsAllen Jenkins
Barney Sykes
Allen Jenkins was:
Portrait of Berton ChurchillBerton Churchill
The Judge
Berton Churchill was:
Portrait of Edward EllisEdward Ellis
Bomber Wells
Edward Ellis was:
Portrait of David LandauDavid Landau
The Warden
David Landau was:
Portrait of Hale HamiltonHale Hamilton
Rev. Allen
Hale Hamilton was:
Portrait of Sally BlaneSally Blane
Sally Blane was:
Portrait of Louise CarterLouise Carter
Louise Carter was:
Portrait of Everett BrownEverett Brown
Strong Prisoner
Everett Brown was:
Portrait of Willard RobertsonWillard Robertson
Prison Board Chairman
Willard Robertson was:
Portrait of Robert McWadeRobert McWade
F.E. Ramsey
Robert McWade was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of William Le MaireWilliam Le Maire
A Texan
William Le Maire was:
Portrait of Charles MiddletonCharles Middleton
Train Conductor (uncredited)
Charles Middleton was:
Portrait of Dennis O'KeefeDennis O'Keefe
Café Chateau Dancer (uncredited)
Dennis O'Keefe was:
Portrait of Wallis ClarkWallis Clark
Chicago Lawyer (uncredited)
Wallis Clark was:
Portrait of Erville AldersonErville Alderson
Police Chief (uncredited)
Erville Alderson was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Bill - Barber (uncredited)
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of Reginald BarlowReginald Barlow
Mr. Parker (uncredited)
Reginald Barlow was:
Portrait of James BellJames Bell
Red (uncredited)
James Bell was:
Portrait of Frederick BurtonFrederick Burton
Southern Prison Official (uncredited)
Frederick Burton was:
Portrait of A.S. ByronA.S. Byron
Cop in Barber Shop (uncredited)
A.S. Byron was:
Portrait of Charles McAvoyCharles McAvoy
Cop (uncredited)
Charles McAvoy was:
Portrait of Eddy ChandlerEddy Chandler
Job Foreman (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
Portrait of G. Pat CollinsG. Pat Collins
Wilson (uncredited)
G. Pat Collins was:
Portrait of George CooperGeorge Cooper
Vaudevillian (uncredited)
George Cooper was:
Portrait of Jack CurtisJack Curtis
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Jack Curtis was:
Portrait of Harry WoodsHarry Woods
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Harry Woods was:
Portrait of John MarstonJohn Marston
Prison Commissioner (uncredited)
John Marston was:
Portrait of Douglass DumbrilleDouglass Dumbrille
District Attorney (uncredited)
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Portrait of J. Frank GlendonJ. Frank Glendon
Arresting Officer (uncredited)
J. Frank Glendon was:
Portrait of Lee ShumwayLee Shumway
Arresting Officer (uncredited)
Lee Shumway was:
Portrait of Lew KellyLew Kelly
Diner Cook (uncredited)
Lew Kelly was:
Portrait of Jack La RueJack La Rue
Ackerman (uncredited)
Jack La Rue was:
Portrait of Edward LeSaintEdward LeSaint
Chamber of Commerce Chairman (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint was:
Portrait of Walter LongWalter Long
Blacksmith (uncredited)
Walter Long was:
Portrait of Jack LowJack Low
Big Prisoner (uncredited)
Jack Low was:
Portrait of Edward McNamaraEdward McNamara
Second Warden (uncredited)
Edward McNamara was:
Portrait of William PawleyWilliam Pawley
Doggy (uncredited)
William Pawley was:
Portrait of Charles SellonCharles Sellon
Hot Dog Stand Owner (uncredited)
Charles Sellon was:
Portrait of Allen D. SewallAllen D. Sewall
Train Station Guard (uncredited)
Allen D. Sewall was:
Portrait of William H. StraussWilliam H. Strauss
Pawnbroker (uncredited)
William H. Strauss was:
Portrait of Sheila TerrySheila Terry
Allen's Secretary (uncredited)
Sheila Terry was:
Portrait of Fred 'Snowflake' ToonesFred 'Snowflake' Toones
Marine on Ship (uncredited)
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones was:
Portrait of Jack WiseJack Wise
Tailor (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
Portrait of John WrayJohn Wray
Nordine (uncredited)
John Wray was:
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