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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Going Places

Going Places

Release Date: Saturday, December 31 1938 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Dick PowellDick Powell
Peter Mason
Dick Powell was:
Portrait of Anita LouiseAnita Louise
Ellen Parker
Anita Louise was:
Portrait of Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong was:
Portrait of Allen JenkinsAllen Jenkins
Allen Jenkins was:
Portrait of Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
Jack Withering
Ronald Reagan was:
Portrait of Walter CatlettWalter Catlett
Franklin Dexter
Walter Catlett was:
Portrait of Harold HuberHarold Huber
Harold Huber was:
Portrait of Larry WilliamsLarry Williams
Larry Williams was:
Portrait of Thurston HallThurston Hall
Col. Withering
Thurston Hall was:
Portrait of Minna GombellMinna Gombell
Cora Withering
Minna Gombell was:
Portrait of Joyce ComptonJoyce Compton
Joyce Compton was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Desk Clerk
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Joe CunninghamJoe Cunningham
Night Clerk
Joe Cunningham was:
Portrait of Eddie 'Rochester' AndersonEddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson was:
Portrait of George ReedGeorge Reed
George Reed was:
Portrait of Maxine SullivanMaxine Sullivan
Maxine Sullivan was:
Portrait of Brooks BenedictBrooks Benedict
Party Guest / Racetrack Spectator
Brooks Benedict was:
Portrait of Ward BondWard Bond
Clarence - a Policeman
Ward Bond was:
Portrait of Eddy ChandlerEddy Chandler
Second Policeman
Eddy Chandler was:
Portrait of DeForest CovanDeForest Covan
DeForest Covan was:
Portrait of Dorothy DandridgeDorothy Dandridge
Member of The Dandridge Sisters
Dorothy Dandridge was:
Portrait of Vivian DandridgeVivian Dandridge
Member of The Dandridge Sisters
Vivian Dandridge was:
Portrait of Jesse GravesJesse Graves
Butler at Party
Jesse Graves was:
Portrait of John HarronJohn Harron
Man at Party
John Harron was:
Portrait of Etta JonesEtta Jones
Member of The Dandridge Sisters
Etta Jones was:
Portrait of Kenner G. KempKenner G. Kemp
Steeplechase Observer
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Portrait of Jack LudenJack Luden
Party Guest
Jack Luden was:
Portrait of Edmund MortimerEdmund Mortimer
Customer in Store
Edmund Mortimer was:
Portrait of Ferdinand MunierFerdinand Munier
Man on Electric Horse
Ferdinand Munier was:
Portrait of John J. RichardsonJohn J. Richardson
Man at Track
John J. Richardson was:
Portrait of Janet ShawJanet Shaw
Young Lady at Party
Janet Shaw was:
Portrait of Jack SheaJack Shea
Party Guest
Jack Shea was:
Portrait of Rosella TowneRosella Towne
Young Lady at Party
Rosella Towne was:
Portrait of Charlotte TreadwayCharlotte Treadway
Party Guest
Charlotte Treadway was:
Portrait of Leo WhiteLeo White
Store Customer / Steeplechase Observer
Leo White was:
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