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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Cleopatra


Release Date: Friday, October 5 1934 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Claudette ColbertClaudette Colbert
Claudette Colbert was:
Portrait of Warren WilliamWarren William
Julius Caesar
Warren William was:
Portrait of Henry WilcoxonHenry Wilcoxon
Marc Antony
Henry Wilcoxon was:
Portrait of Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
King Herod
Joseph Schildkraut was:
Portrait of Ian KeithIan Keith
Ian Keith was:
Portrait of Gertrude MichaelGertrude Michael
Gertrude Michael was:
Portrait of C. Aubrey SmithC. Aubrey Smith
C. Aubrey Smith was:
Portrait of Irving PichelIrving Pichel
Irving Pichel was:
Portrait of Arthur HohlArthur Hohl
Arthur Hohl was:
Portrait of Edwin MaxwellEdwin Maxwell
Edwin Maxwell was:
Portrait of Ian MaclarenIan Maclaren
Cassius (as Ian MacLaren)
Ian Maclaren was:
Portrait of Eleanor PhelpsEleanor Phelps
Eleanor Phelps was:
Portrait of Leonard MudieLeonard Mudie
Leonard Mudie was:
Portrait of Grace DurkinGrace Durkin
Grace Durkin was:
Portrait of Ferdinand GottschalkFerdinand Gottschalk
Glabrio (scenes deleted)
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Portrait of Claudia DellClaudia Dell
Claudia Dell was:
Portrait of Harry BeresfordHarry Beresford
Harry Beresford was:
Portrait of Jayne ReganJayne Regan
Lady Vesta (as Jane Regan)
Jayne Regan was:
Portrait of William FarnumWilliam Farnum
William Farnum was:
Portrait of Lionel BelmoreLionel Belmore
Lionel Belmore was:
Portrait of Florence RobertsFlorence Roberts
Lady Flora
Florence Roberts was:
Portrait of Richard AlexanderRichard Alexander
General Philodemas (as Dick Alexander)
Richard Alexander was:
Portrait of Celia RylandCelia Ryland
Lady Leda
Celia Ryland was:
Portrait of William V. MongWilliam V. Mong
Court Physician
William V. Mong was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
General Achillas
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of George WalshGeorge Walsh
George Walsh was:
Portrait of Kenneth GibsonKenneth Gibson
Kenneth Gibson was:
Portrait of Wedgwood NowellWedgwood Nowell
Scribe (as Wedgewood Nowell)
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Portrait of Bruce WarrenBruce Warren
Bruce Warren was:
Portrait of Robert SeiterRobert Seiter
Aelius (as Robert Manning)
Robert Seiter was:
Portrait of Edgar DearingEdgar Dearing
Convict (as Ed Deering)
Edgar Dearing was:
Portrait of John CarradineJohn Carradine
Roman Citizen/Party Guest/Soldier (uncredited) (voice)
John Carradine was:
Portrait of Wilfred LucasWilfred Lucas
Roman Greeting Antony (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas was:
Portrait of David NivenDavid Niven
Slave (uncredited)
David Niven was:
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