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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Bowery to Broadway

Bowery to Broadway

Release Date: Friday, November 3 1944 (77 years ago)
Portrait of Maria MontezMaria Montez
Maria Montez was:
Portrait of Jack OakieJack Oakie
Michael O'Rourke
Jack Oakie was:
Portrait of Susanna FosterSusanna Foster
Peggy Fleming Barrie
Susanna Foster was:
Portrait of Turhan BeyTurhan Bey
Ted Barrie
Turhan Bey was:
Portrait of Ann BlythAnn Blyth
Bessie Jo Kirby
Ann Blyth was:
Portrait of Donald CookDonald Cook
Dennis Dugan
Donald Cook was:
Portrait of Louise AllbrittonLouise Allbritton
Lillian Russell
Louise Allbritton was:
Portrait of Frank McHughFrank McHugh
Joe Kirby
Frank McHugh was:
Portrait of Rosemary DeCampRosemary DeCamp
Bessie Kirby
Rosemary DeCamp was:
Portrait of Leo CarrilloLeo Carrillo
P. J. Fenton
Leo Carrillo was:
Portrait of Andy DevineAndy Devine
Father Kelley
Andy Devine was:
Portrait of Evelyn AnkersEvelyn Ankers
Bonnie LaTour
Evelyn Ankers was:
Portrait of Thomas GomezThomas Gomez
Tom Harvey
Thomas Gomez was:
Portrait of Richard LaneRichard Lane
Walter Rogers
Richard Lane was:
Portrait of George DolenzGeorge Dolenz
George Henshaw
George Dolenz was:
Portrait of Mantan MorelandMantan Moreland
Mantan Moreland was:
Portrait of Ben CarterBen Carter
Ben Carter was:
Portrait of Maude EburneMaude Eburne
Mame Alda
Maude Eburne was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Cliff Brown
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Donald O'ConnorDonald O'Connor
Specialty dancer
Donald O'Connor was:
Portrait of Peggy RyanPeggy Ryan
Specialty dancer
Peggy Ryan was:
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