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Poster of Army Girl

Army Girl

Release Date: Thursday, August 11 1938 (84 years ago)
Portrait of Madge EvansMadge Evans
Julie Armstrong
Madge Evans was:
Portrait of Preston FosterPreston Foster
Capt. Dike Conger
Preston Foster was:
Portrait of James GleasonJames Gleason
James Gleason was:
Portrait of H.B. WarnerH.B. Warner
Col. Armstrong
H.B. Warner was:
Portrait of Neil HamiltonNeil Hamilton
Neil Hamilton was:
Portrait of Guinn 'Big Boy' WilliamsGuinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams was:
Portrait of Ralph MorganRalph Morgan
Ralph Morgan was:
Portrait of Ruth DonnellyRuth Donnelly
Leila Kennett
Ruth Donnelly was:
Portrait of Heather AngelHeather Angel
Gwen Bradley
Heather Angel was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Brig. Gen. Matthews
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Ralph ByrdRalph Byrd
Ralph Byrd was:
Portrait of Barbara PepperBarbara Pepper
Barbara Pepper was:
Portrait of Billy GilbertBilly Gilbert
Canteen waiter
Billy Gilbert was:
Portrait of Dewey RobinsonDewey Robinson
Dewey Robinson was:
Portrait of Allen VincentAllen Vincent
Capt. Bradley
Allen Vincent was:
Portrait of Pepito PérezPepito Pérez
Pepito Pérez was:
Portrait of Paul StantonPaul Stanton
Maj. Thorndike
Paul Stanton was:
Portrait of Lynton BrentLynton Brent
Lynton Brent was:
Portrait of Eddie DewEddie Dew
Eddie Dew was:
Portrait of Frank HagneyFrank Hagney
Frank Hagney was:
Portrait of George MontgomeryGeorge Montgomery
George Montgomery was:
Portrait of Walter SandeWalter Sande
Walter Sande was:
Portrait of Harry StrangHarry Strang
Harry Strang was:
Portrait of Charles SullivanCharles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
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