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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark

Release Date: Thursday, January 31 1935 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Joseph Harris
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Charles StarrettCharles Starrett
Kenneth 'Ken' Harris
Charles Starrett was:
Portrait of Marion ShillingMarion Shilling
Jean Coates
Marion Shilling was:
Portrait of Helen Jerome EddyHelen Jerome Eddy
Miss Lottie Case
Helen Jerome Eddy was:
Portrait of Edward Van SloanEdward Van Sloan
Professor Bostwick
Edward Van Sloan was:
Portrait of James BushJames Bush
Byron Coates / John Meseraux
James Bush was:
Portrait of Eddie TamblynEddie Tamblyn
Bill Smart
Eddie Tamblyn was:
Portrait of Julian MadisonJulian Madison
Charlie Penlon
Julian Madison was:
Portrait of Robert McKenzieRobert McKenzie
Sheriff Graves
Robert McKenzie was:
Portrait of Doris LloydDoris Lloyd
Lucille Coates
Doris Lloyd was:
Portrait of Ralph BrooksRalph Brooks
Sam Anderson
Ralph Brooks was:
Portrait of Robert McKenzieRobert McKenzie
Robert McKenzie was:
Portrait of John DavidsonJohn Davidson
Professor Brand
John Davidson was:
Portrait of Herbert BunstonHerbert Bunston
College Professor
Herbert Bunston was:
Portrait of George MorrellGeorge Morrell
Deputy Ab Barber
George Morrell was:
Portrait of Broderick O'FarrellBroderick O'Farrell
Dr. Howell
Broderick O'Farrell was:
Portrait of Jane KeckleyJane Keckley
Bostwick's Housekeeper
Jane Keckley was:
Portrait of Eric MayneEric Mayne
Professor at Service (Uncredited)
Eric Mayne was:
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