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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Doomsday Flight

The Doomsday Flight

Release Date: Tuesday, December 13 1966 (55 years ago)
Portrait of Jack LordJack Lord
Special Agent Frank Thompson
Jack Lord was:
Portrait of Edmond O'BrienEdmond O'Brien
The Man
Edmond O'Brien was:
Portrait of Katherine CrawfordKatherine Crawford
Katherine Crawford was:
Portrait of John SaxonJohn Saxon
George Ducette
John Saxon was:
Portrait of Van JohnsonVan Johnson
Capt. Anderson
Van Johnson was:
Portrait of Tom SimcoxTom Simcox
Chipps, Flight Engineer
Tom Simcox was:
Portrait of Michael SarrazinMichael Sarrazin
Army Corporal
Michael Sarrazin was:
Portrait of Ed AsnerEd Asner
Ed Asner was:
Portrait of Malachi ThroneMalachi Throne
Malachi Throne was:
Portrait of Robert PickeringRobert Pickering
Robert Pickering was:
Portrait of Jan ShepardJan Shepard
Elizabeth Thompson
Jan Shepard was:
Portrait of Greg MorrisGreg Morris
Balaban, FBI Agent
Greg Morris was:
Portrait of Richard CarlsonRichard Carlson
Chief Pilot Bob Shea
Richard Carlson was:
Portrait of David LewisDavid Lewis
Mr. Rierdon
David Lewis was:
Portrait of Howard CaineHoward Caine
L.A. Dispatcher
Howard Caine was:
Portrait of John KelloggJohn Kellogg
Dan Seaton
John Kellogg was:
Portrait of Bernadette HaleBernadette Hale
Bernadette Hale was:
Portrait of Celia LovskyCelia Lovsky
Elderly Woman
Celia Lovsky was:
Portrait of Dee PollockDee Pollock
SpeedyJet Messenger
Dee Pollock was:
Portrait of Edward FaulknerEdward Faulkner
Reilly, Co-Pilot
Edward Faulkner was:
Portrait of Don WilbanksDon Wilbanks
Bomb Disposal Man
Don Wilbanks was:
Portrait of Don StewartDon Stewart
Don Stewart was:
Portrait of Pitt HerbertPitt Herbert
Witness at Accident
Pitt Herbert was:
Portrait of S. John LaunerS. John Launer
S. John Launer was:
Portrait of Robert P. LiebRobert P. Lieb
SpeedyJet Dispatcher
Robert P. Lieb was:
Portrait of Noam PitlikNoam Pitlik
Air Traffic Controller
Noam Pitlik was:
Portrait of Bert RemsenBert Remsen
Police Officer
Bert Remsen was:
Portrait of Len WaylandLen Wayland
Agent Foster
Len Wayland was:
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