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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Brass Bottle

The Brass Bottle

Release Date: Wednesday, May 20 1964 (58 years ago)
Portrait of Tony RandallTony Randall
Harold Ventimore
Tony Randall was:
Portrait of Burl IvesBurl Ives
Burl Ives was:
Portrait of Barbara EdenBarbara Eden
Sylvia Kenton
Barbara Eden was:
Portrait of Kamala DeviKamala Devi
Kamala Devi was:
Portrait of Edward AndrewsEdward Andrews
Anthony Kenton
Edward Andrews was:
Portrait of Richard ErdmanRichard Erdman
Seymour Jenks
Richard Erdman was:
Portrait of Kathie BrowneKathie Browne
Hazel Jenks
Kathie Browne was:
Portrait of Ann DoranAnn Doran
Martha Kenton
Ann Doran was:
Portrait of Philip OberPhilip Ober
William J. Beevor
Philip Ober was:
Portrait of Parley BaerParley Baer
Samuel Wackerbath
Parley Baer was:
Portrait of Howard SmithHoward Smith
Senator Grindle
Howard Smith was:
Portrait of Lulu PorterLulu Porter
Belly Dancer
Lulu Porter was:
Portrait of Alex GerryAlex Gerry
Dr. Travisley
Alex Gerry was:
Portrait of Herb VigranHerb Vigran
Herb Vigran was:
Portrait of Alan DexterAlan Dexter
Alan Dexter was:
Portrait of Robert P. LiebRobert P. Lieb
Lawyer Jenningsc
Robert P. Lieb was:
Portrait of Jan ArvanJan Arvan
Jan Arvan was:
Portrait of Nora MarloweNora Marlowe
Mrs. McGruder
Nora Marlowe was:
Portrait of Aline TowneAline Towne
Miss Gidden
Aline Towne was:
Portrait of Reg LewisReg Lewis
Slave (uncredited)
Reg Lewis was:
Portrait of Joseph BardoJoseph Bardo
Slave (uncredited)
Joseph Bardo was:
Portrait of Peter LupusPeter Lupus
Slave (uncredited)
Peter Lupus was:
Portrait of Edy WilliamsEdy Williams
Slave Girl (uncredited)
Edy Williams was:
Portrait of Leoda RichardsLeoda Richards
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Leoda Richards was:
Portrait of Christian KayChristian Kay
Slave Girl (uncredited)
Christian Kay was:
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