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Poster of How to Frame a Figg

How to Frame a Figg

Release Date: Monday, February 1 1971 (51 years ago)
Portrait of Don KnottsDon Knotts
Hollis Alexander Figg
Don Knotts was:
Portrait of Elaine JoyceElaine Joyce
Ema Letha Kusic
Elaine Joyce was:
Portrait of Joe FlynnJoe Flynn
Kermit Sanderson
Joe Flynn was:
Portrait of Edward AndrewsEdward Andrews
Mayor Robert Chisholm
Edward Andrews was:
Portrait of Frank WelkerFrank Welker
Prentiss Gates
Frank Welker was:
Portrait of Yvonne CraigYvonne Craig
Glorianna Hastings
Yvonne Craig was:
Portrait of Parker FennellyParker Fennelly
Old Charley Spaulding
Parker Fennelly was:
Portrait of Bill ZuckertBill Zuckert
Commissioner Henderson
Bill Zuckert was:
Portrait of Pitt HerbertPitt Herbert
Dr. Schmidt
Pitt Herbert was:
Portrait of Robert P. LiebRobert P. Lieb
Commissioner Hayes
Robert P. Lieb was:
Portrait of Bob HastingsBob Hastings
Chris Groat
Bob Hastings was:
Portrait of Bruce KirbyBruce Kirby
Dale Groat
Bruce Kirby was:
Portrait of Stuart NisbetStuart Nisbet
Gentry Groat
Stuart Nisbet was:
Portrait of James MillhollinJames Millhollin
Funeral Director
James Millhollin was:
Portrait of Fay DeWittFay DeWitt
Fay DeWitt was:
Portrait of Savannah BentleySavannah Bentley
Ethel Purvis
Savannah Bentley was:
Portrait of Athena LordeAthena Lorde
Athena Lorde was:
Portrait of Bill QuinnBill Quinn
Asst. Atty. Gen. John Carmoni
Bill Quinn was:
Portrait of John ArcherJohn Archer
John Archer was:
Portrait of Eddie QuillanEddie Quillan
Old Man
Eddie Quillan was:
Portrait of Benny RubinBenny Rubin
Benny Rubin was:
Portrait of Billy SandsBilly Sands
Bowling Alley Manager
Billy Sands was:
Portrait of Clay TannerClay Tanner
Motorcycle Officer
Clay Tanner was:
Portrait of Gordon ArmitageGordon Armitage
Reporter (uncredited)
Gordon Armitage was:
Portrait of Charles CirilloCharles Cirillo
Mourner (uncredited)
Charles Cirillo was:
Portrait of Ben FrommerBen Frommer
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Ben Frommer was:
Portrait of Wesley GaleWesley Gale
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Wesley Gale was:
Portrait of Kathryn JanssenKathryn Janssen
Mourner (uncredited)
Kathryn Janssen was:
Portrait of Chester JonesChester Jones
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Chester Jones was:
Portrait of Kenner G. KempKenner G. Kemp
Man in Line in Diner (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Portrait of Ron NymanRon Nyman
Paramedic (uncredited)
Ron Nyman was:
Portrait of Anthony RedondoAnthony Redondo
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Anthony Redondo was:
Portrait of Hank RobinsonHank Robinson
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Hank Robinson was:
Portrait of Edwin RochelleEdwin Rochelle
Townsman (uncredited)
Edwin Rochelle was:
Portrait of Eddie SmithEddie Smith
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Eddie Smith was:
Portrait of Al BainAl Bain
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Al Bain was:
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