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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Farewell Again

Farewell Again

Release Date: 1937-01-05 (84 years ago)
Leslie Banks
Col. Harry Blair
Leslie Banks was:
Flora Robson
Lucy Blair
Flora Robson was:
Sebastian Shaw
Capt. Gilbert Reed
Sebastian Shaw was:
Patricia Hilliard
Nurse Ann Harrison
Patricia Hilliard was:
Robert Cochran
Carlisle Smith
Robert Cochran was:
Anthony Bushell
Roddy Hammond
Anthony Bushell was:
René Ray
Elsie Wainwright
René Ray was:
Robert Newton
Jim Carter
Robert Newton was:
Leonora Corbett
Lady Joan
Leonora Corbett was:
J.H. Roberts
Dr. Pearson
J.H. Roberts was:
Eliot Makeham
Maj. Swayle
Eliot Makeham was:
Martita Hunt
Adela Swayle
Martita Hunt was:
Edward Lexy
Sgt. Brough
Edward Lexy was:
Maire O'Neill
Mrs. Brough
Maire O'Neill was:
Wally Patch
Sgt. Maj. Billings
Wally Patch was:
Margaret Moffatt
Mrs. Billings
Margaret Moffatt was:
Gertrude Musgrove
Lily Toff
Gertrude Musgrove was:
Bill Shine
Cpl. Edrich
Bill Shine was:
Alf Goddard
Pvt. Bulger
Alf Goddard was:
Edie Martin
Mrs. Bulger
Edie Martin was:
Edmund Willard
Pvt. Withers
Edmund Willard was:
Philip Ray
Philip Ray was:
Janet Burnell
Mrs. Moore
Janet Burnell was:
John Laurie
Pvt. McAllister
John Laurie was:
Jerry Verno
Pvt. George Judd
Jerry Verno was:
Vernon Harris
Vernon Harris was:
David Horne
John Carlisle
David Horne was:
Noel Brophy
Minor Role
Noel Brophy was:
Peter Copley
Minor Role
Peter Copley was:
William Hartnell
Minor Role
William Hartnell was:
Katie Johnson
Mother of soldier in hospital
Katie Johnson was:
Vi Kaley
Minor Role
Vi Kaley was:
Frederick Piper
Minor Role
Frederick Piper was:
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