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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

West Point of the Air

West Point of the Air

Release Date: 1935-03-23 (86 years ago)
Wallace Beery
Sgt. 'Big Mike' Stone
Wallace Beery was:
Robert Young
Little Mike Stone
Robert Young was:
Lewis Stone
Gen. Carter
Lewis Stone was:
Maureen O'Sullivan
'Skip' Carter
Maureen O'Sullivan was:
Russell Hardie
Phil Carter
Russell Hardie was:
Rosalind Russell
Mrs. Dare Marshall
Rosalind Russell was:
James Gleason
Joe 'Bags'
James Gleason was:
Henry Wadsworth
Lt. Pettis
Henry Wadsworth was:
Robert Taylor
'Jasky' Jaskarelli
Robert Taylor was:
Robert Livingston
Robert Livingston was:
Frank Conroy
Captain Cannon
Frank Conroy was:
G. Pat Collins
Lieutenant Kelly
G. Pat Collins was:
Ronnie Cosby
Mike - as a Boy
Ronnie Cosby was:
Bobby Caldwell
Phil - as a Boy
Bobby Caldwell was:
Marilyn Spinner
'Skip' - as a Girl
Marilyn Spinner was:
Ed Austin
Football Player
Ed Austin was:
Verdi Boyer
Football Player
Verdi Boyer was:
Walter Brennan
Soldier at Kelly's Wreckage
Walter Brennan was:
Edward Earle
Army Officer in Locker Room
Edward Earle was:
M.J. Frankovich
Football Player
M.J. Frankovich was:
Henry Hallett
Army Officer at Court-Martial
Henry Hallett was:
James F. Harris
James F. Harris was:
Howard Hickman
Army Officer in Former Times
Howard Hickman was:
Samuel S. Hinds
Secretary of War
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Briggs Hunt
Football Player
Briggs Hunt was:
Joe Keeble
Football Player
Joe Keeble was:
John Kelly
Randolph Air Field Mechanic
John Kelly was:
Pants Livesay
Football Player
Pants Livesay was:
Francis McDonald
Civilian Pilot
Francis McDonald was:
Adrian Morris
Randolph Air Field Instructor
Adrian Morris was:
Jack Pennick
Randolph Air Field Mechanic
Jack Pennick was:
Kate Price
Heavy Woman at Football Game
Kate Price was:
Beatrice Roberts
Woman in Party at Night Club
Beatrice Roberts was:
Frank Sheridan
General Debbin in the Locker Room
Frank Sheridan was:
Paul Stanton
Officer at Randolph Air Field
Paul Stanton was:
Richard Tucker
George - Dare's Companion at Football Game
Richard Tucker was:
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