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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Trade Winds

Trade Winds

Release Date: 1938-12-28 (82 years ago)
Fredric March
Sam Wye
Fredric March was:
Joan Bennett
Kay Kerrigan
Joan Bennett was:
Ralph Bellamy
Ben Blodgett
Ralph Bellamy was:
Ann Sothern
Jean Livingstone
Ann Sothern was:
Sidney Blackmer
Thomas Bruhme II
Sidney Blackmer was:
Thomas Mitchell
Commissioner Blackton
Thomas Mitchell was:
Robert Elliott
Captain George Faulkiner
Robert Elliott was:
Joyce Compton
Mrs. Johnson
Joyce Compton was:
Richard Tucker
John Johnson
Richard Tucker was:
Dorothy Comingore
Ann (as Linda Winters)
Dorothy Comingore was:
Wilma Francis
Wilma Francis was:
Art Baker
Police Announcer (Voice) (Uncredited)
Art Baker was:
Harry Barris
Pianist (Uncredited)
Harry Barris was:
Phyllis Barry
Ruth (Uncredited)
Phyllis Barry was:
Brooks Benedict
Roger (Uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Wilson Benge
Martin, Butler (Uncredited)
Wilson Benge was:
Harry Bernard
Sound Man (Uncredited)
Harry Bernard was:
Dick Botiller
Bombay Carriage Driver (Uncredited)
Dick Botiller was:
Walter Byron
Bob (Uncredited)
Walter Byron was:
Spencer Chan
Smoke Shop Customer (Uncredited)
Spencer Chan was:
Patricia Farr
Peggy (Uncredited)
Patricia Farr was:
Suzanne Kaaren
Russian Girl (Uncredited)
Suzanne Kaaren was:
Marjorie Kane
Sam's Girl (Uncredited)
Marjorie Kane was:
Ethelreda Leopold
Ethel (Uncredited)
Ethelreda Leopold was:
Kay Linaker
Grace (Uncredited)
Kay Linaker was:
Aiko Magara
Tea House Proprietess (Uncredited)
Aiko Magara was:
Harry Payne
Captain (Uncredited)
Harry Payne was:
Betty Roadman
Matron (Uncredited)
Betty Roadman was:
Mrs. Sojin
Patroness (Uncredited)
Mrs. Sojin was:
Dorothy Tree
Clara (Uncredited)
Dorothy Tree was:
Gloria Youngblood
Ricksha Girl (Uncredited)
Gloria Youngblood was:
Beal Wong
Shanghai Cigarette Customer (Uncredited)
Beal Wong was:
Lotus Liu
Shanghai Clerk (Uncredited)
Lotus Liu was:
Marie Mosquini
Hawaiian Hairdresser (Uncredited)
Marie Mosquini was:
Princess Luana
Hawaiian Hairdresser (Uncredited)
Princess Luana was:
Beryl Wallace
Hawaiian Girl (Uncredited)
Beryl Wallace was:
Paulita Arvizu
Hawaiian Girl (Uncredited)
Paulita Arvizu was:
Tom Quinn
Reporter (Uncredited)
Tom Quinn was:
Charles Williams
Reporter Jones (Uncredited)
Charles Williams was:
Hooper Atchley
Detective (Uncredited)
Hooper Atchley was:
Lee Phelps
Detective (Uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Jack Baxley
Detective (Uncredited)
Jack Baxley was:
John Webb Dillion
Detective (Uncredited)
John Webb Dillion was:
Dick Rush
Detective (Uncredited)
Dick Rush was:
Franklin Parker
Detective (Uncredited)
Franklin Parker was:
Al Norman
Party Guest Playing Dice (Uncredited)
Al Norman was:
Cyril Ring
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Bert Moorhouse
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Lois Lindsay
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Lois Lindsay was:
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