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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Working Man

The Working Man

Release Date: 1933-04-20 (88 years ago)
George Arliss
John Reeves alias John Walton
George Arliss was:
Bette Davis
Jenny Hartland alias Jane Grey
Bette Davis was:
Theodore Newton
Tommy Hartland
Theodore Newton was:
Hardie Albright
Benjamin 'Benny' Burnett
Hardie Albright was:
Gordon Westcott
Fred 'Freddie' Pettison
Gordon Westcott was:
J. Farrell MacDonald
Henry 'Hank' Davis
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Charles E. Evans
Mr. Haslitt
Charles E. Evans was:
Frederick Burton
Judge Larson
Frederick Burton was:
Pat Wing
Reeves's Secretary
Pat Wing was:
Edward Van Sloan
Mr. Briggs
Edward Van Sloan was:
Claire McDowell
Benjamin's Secretary
Claire McDowell was:
Ruthelma Stevens
Mrs. Price
Ruthelma Stevens was:
Harry C. Bradley
Reeves Company Board Member (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
Don Brodie
Hartland Company Salesman (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
James Bush
Tommy's Bridge Opponent (uncredited)
James Bush was:
Wallis Clark
Mike the Auditor (uncredited)
Wallis Clark was:
Clay Clement
Hartland Company Salesman Atkinson (uncredited)
Clay Clement was:
Edward Cooper
Hartland's Butler Jackson (uncredited)
Edward Cooper was:
James Donlan
Hartland Company Salesman (uncredited)
James Donlan was:
Douglass Dumbrille
Lawyer Hammersmith (uncredited)
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Helena Phillips Evans
Hartland's Cook Anna (uncredited)
Helena Phillips Evans was:
Harrison Greene
Hartland Company Salesman (uncredited)
Harrison Greene was:
Selmer Jackson
Hartland Company Salesman (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson was:
Edward LeSaint
Reeves Company Board Member (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint was:
Carl M. Leviness
Hartland Company Salesman (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Harold Minjir
Tommy's Bridge Partner (uncredited)
Harold Minjir was:
William V. Mong
Hartland Company Auditor (uncredited)
William V. Mong was:
Herbert Rawlinson
Reeves Company Board Member (uncredited)
Herbert Rawlinson was:
Charles Sherlock
Waiter on Yacht (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Gertrude Sutton
Hartland's Maid Helen Ann (uncredited)
Gertrude Sutton was:
Richard Tucker
Reeves Company Board Member (uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
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