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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Jazz Singer

The Jazz Singer

Release Date: 1927-10-06 (94 years ago)
Al Jolson
Jakie Rabinowitz
Al Jolson was:
May McAvoy
Mary Dale
May McAvoy was:
Warner Oland
Cantor Rabinowitz
Warner Oland was:
Eugenie Besserer
Sara Rabinowitz
Eugenie Besserer was:
Otto Lederer
Moisha Yudelson
Otto Lederer was:
Robert Gordon
Young Jakie Rabinowitz
Robert Gordon was:
Richard Tucker
Harry Lee
Richard Tucker was:
William Demarest
Buster Billings (uncredited)
William Demarest was:
Myrna Loy
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Myrna Loy was:
John Miljan
Host (uncredited)
John Miljan was:
Roscoe Karns
Agent (uncredited)
Roscoe Karns was:
Anders Randolf
Dillings (uncredited)
Anders Randolf was:
Walter Rodgers
Make-Up Man (uncredited)
Walter Rodgers was:
Will Walling
Doctor (uncredited)
Will Walling was:
Ena Gregory
Ena Gregory was:
Yossele Rosenblatt
Cantor Rosenblatt
Yossele Rosenblatt was:
Nat Carr
Levi (uncredited)
Nat Carr was:
Ernest Belcher
Choreographer (uncredited)
Ernest Belcher was:
Neely Edwards
Dance Director (uncredited)
Neely Edwards was:
Audrey Ferris
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Audrey Ferris was:
Leon Holmes
Moey (uncredited)
Leon Holmes was:
Jane Arden
Small Part (uncredited)
Jane Arden was:
Ty Parvis
Boy Singer (uncredited)
Ty Parvis was:
Fred Warren
Pianist (uncredited)
Fred Warren was:
Carolynne Snowden
Backstage Maid (uncredited)
Carolynne Snowden was:
Violet Bird
Violet Bird was:
Joseph Green
Joseph Green was:
Claire Delmar
Claire Delmar was:
Seymour Kupper
Seymour Kupper was:
Mary Grace Larsen
Mary Grace Larsen was:
Margaret Oliver
Margaret Oliver was:
Marie Stapleton
Marie Stapleton was:
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