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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance

Release Date: 1937-05-07 (84 years ago)
Fred Astaire
Pete Peters
Fred Astaire was:
Ginger Rogers
Linda Keene
Ginger Rogers was:
Edward Everett Horton
Jeffrey Baird
Edward Everett Horton was:
Eric Blore
Cecil Flintridge
Eric Blore was:
Jerome Cowan
Arthur Miller
Jerome Cowan was:
Ketti Gallian
Denise Tarrington
Ketti Gallian was:
William Brisbane
Jim Montgomery
William Brisbane was:
Harriet Hoctor
Harriet Hoctor was:
Richard Tucker
Mr. Russell (uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
Ben Alexander
Evans (uncredited)
Ben Alexander was:
Charles Coleman
Policeman (uncredited)
Charles Coleman was:
Eddie Hall
Man (uncredited)
Eddie Hall was:
Matthew Boulton
Ship's Officer (uncredited)
Matthew Boulton was:
Sidney Bracey
First Steward (uncredited)
Sidney Bracey was:
Monte Collins
Usher-Messenger (uncredited)
Monte Collins was:
Dudley Dickerson
Engine Room Singer (uncredited)
Dudley Dickerson was:
Pauline Garon
Pauline Garon was:
Charlie Hall
Bartender (uncredited)
Charlie Hall was:
Frank Moran
Process Server (uncredited)
Frank Moran was:
Leonard Mudie
Waiter (uncredited)
Leonard Mudie was:
Henry Mowbray
Radio Officer (uncredited)
Henry Mowbray was:
Norman Ainsley
Bartender (uncredited)
Norman Ainsley was:
Sherwood Bailey
Newsboy (uncredited)
Sherwood Bailey was:
Harry Bowen
Johnson (uncredited)
Harry Bowen was:
William Burress
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
William Burress was:
Jean De Briac
Producer (uncredited)
Jean De Briac was:
Douglas Gordon
Steward (uncredited)
Douglas Gordon was:
Helena Grant
Passenger Starting Gossip (uncredited)
Helena Grant was:
Jane Hamilton
Woman (uncredited)
Jane Hamilton was:
Sam Harris
Passenger Walking Dog (uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Sam Hayes
Dispatcher (uncredited)
Sam Hayes was:
Charles Irwin
Fire Drill Steward (uncredited)
Charles Irwin was:
Tiny Jones
Flower Woman (uncredited)
Tiny Jones was:
Lew Kelly
Policeman at Jail (uncredited)
Lew Kelly was:
Marie Marks
Woman (uncredited)
Marie Marks was:
Alphonse Martell
Doorman (uncredited)
Alphonse Martell was:
Torben Meyer
Show Producer (uncredited)
Torben Meyer was:
Vesey O'Davoren
Bartender (uncredited)
Vesey O'Davoren was:
Jack Rice
Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Jack Rice was:
Matty Roubert
Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Matty Roubert was:
George Savidan
Errand Boy (uncredited)
George Savidan was:
Rolfe Sedan
Ballet Master (uncredited)
Rolfe Sedan was:
Mary Stewart
Dancer and Singer (uncredited)
Mary Stewart was:
Spencer Teakle
Spencer Teakle was:
Pete Theodore
Linda's Dancing Partner (uncredited)
Pete Theodore was:
Marek Windheim
Ballet Master (uncredited)
Marek Windheim was:
Sam Wren
Charlie (uncredited)
Sam Wren was:
Emma Young
Tai (uncredited)
Emma Young was:
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