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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

Release Date: 1933-11-01 (87 years ago)
Margaret Sullavan
Mary Lane
Margaret Sullavan was:
John Boles
James Stanton "Jim" Emerson
John Boles was:
Edna May Oliver
Edna May Oliver was:
Billie Burke
Julia Warren
Billie Burke was:
Benita Hume
Phyllis Emerson
Benita Hume was:
Reginald Denny
Reginald Denny was:
George Meeker
Dave Reynolds
George Meeker was:
Jimmy Butler
Jim Jr.
Jimmy Butler was:
Noel Francis
Noel Francis was:
Geneva Mitchell
Geneva Mitchell was:
Bramwell Fletcher
Scott Hughes
Bramwell Fletcher was:
June Clyde
June Clyde was:
Jane Darwell
Mrs. Lane
Jane Darwell was:
Oscar Apfel
Mr. Lane
Oscar Apfel was:
Robert McWade
Harvey Miles
Robert McWade was:
Onslow Stevens
Onslow Stevens was:
Jay Whidden
Orchestra Leader
Jay Whidden was:
Adrienne Marden
Helen (Uncredited)
Adrienne Marden was:
Leon Ames
Lee (Uncredited)
Leon Ames was:
Louise Beavers
Abby (Uncredited)
Louise Beavers was:
Betty Blythe
Mrs. Vincent (Uncredited)
Betty Blythe was:
Sheila Bromley
May (Uncredited)
Sheila Bromley was:
Marion Byron
Grace (Uncredited)
Marion Byron was:
Walter Catlett
Barnes (Uncredited)
Walter Catlett was:
Dorothy Christy
Rena (Uncredited)
Dorothy Christy was:
Berton Churchill
Goodheart (Uncredited)
Berton Churchill was:
Ruth Clifford
Eleanor (Uncredited)
Ruth Clifford was:
Joyce Compton
Margot (Uncredited)
Joyce Compton was:
Tommy Conlon
Bob Lane (Uncredited)
Tommy Conlon was:
Herbert Corthell
Preston (Uncredited)
Herbert Corthell was:
James Flavin
Billy (Uncredited)
James Flavin was:
Dorothy Granger
Sally (Uncredited)
Dorothy Granger was:
Jeanne Hart
Betty (Uncredited)
Jeanne Hart was:
Arthur Hoyt
Burton (Uncredited)
Arthur Hoyt was:
Crauford Kent
Graves (Uncredited)
Crauford Kent was:
Natalie Moorhead
Lucy (Uncredited)
Natalie Moorhead was:
Ferdinand Munier
Harper (Uncredited)
Ferdinand Munier was:
Barry Norton
Jerry (Uncredited)
Barry Norton was:
Edgar Norton
George (Uncredited)
Edgar Norton was:
Vivien Oakland
Ethel (Uncredited)
Vivien Oakland was:
Franklin Pangborn
Tom (Uncredited)
Franklin Pangborn was:
Lucille Powers
Ruth (Uncredited)
Lucille Powers was:
Marie Prevost
Amy (Uncredited)
Marie Prevost was:
Craig Reynolds
Hugh (Uncredited)
Craig Reynolds was:
Bert Roach
Rex (Uncredited)
Bert Roach was:
Gay Seabrook
Toodie (Uncredited)
Gay Seabrook was:
Warren Stokes
O.O. McIntyre (Uncredited)
Warren Stokes was:
Grady Sutton
Charlie Smith (Uncredited)
Grady Sutton was:
Sidney Bracey
Second Butler (Uncredited)
Sidney Bracey was:
Alphonse Martell
Headwaiter (Uncredited)
Alphonse Martell was:
Sam McDaniel
Red Cap Porter (Uncredited)
Sam McDaniel was:
Lafe McKee
Father at Train Station (Uncredited)
Lafe McKee was:
Jeanne Sorel
Lesbian (Uncredited)
Jeanne Sorel was:
Larry Steers
Parade Onlooker (Uncredited)
Larry Steers was:
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
Wall Street Bootblack (Uncredited)
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones was:
William H. O'Brien
Nightclub Waiter (Uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Ralph Brooks
Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Florence Lake
One of Jim's Friends (Uncredited)
Florence Lake was:
Richard Tucker
One of Jim's Friends (Uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
Dennis O'Keefe
New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited)
Dennis O'Keefe was:
Leo White
New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited)
Leo White was:
Bill Elliott
New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited)
Bill Elliott was:
Maidel Turner
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Maidel Turner was:
Bert Moorhouse
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Jerry Frank
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Jerry Frank was:
Churchill Ross
Party Guest (Uncredited)
Churchill Ross was:
Edmund Breese
Investor (Uncredited)
Edmund Breese was:
Jason Robards Sr.
Investor (Uncredited)
Jason Robards Sr. was:
Huntley Gordon
Investor (Uncredited)
Huntley Gordon was:
Eddie Kane
Investor (Uncredited)
Eddie Kane was:
Rafael Alcayde
Party Guest (uncredited)
Rafael Alcayde was:
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