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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Navy Blues

Navy Blues

Release Date: 1929-12-20 (91 years ago)
William Haines
William Haines was:
Anita Page
Anita Page was:
Karl Dane
Sven Swanson
Karl Dane was:
J. C. Nugent
Mr. Brown
J. C. Nugent was:
Edythe Chapman
Mrs. Brown
Edythe Chapman was:
Wade Boteler
Wade Boteler was:
Frankie Genardi
Frankie Genardi was:
Clarence Brown
Roller Coaster Rider
Clarence Brown was:
Gino Corrado
Headwaiter at Garden Cabaret
Gino Corrado was:
Shorty English
Sailor at Canteen
Shorty English was:
Adolph Faylauer
Cabaret Dancer
Adolph Faylauer was:
Christian J. Frank
Cabaret Doorman
Christian J. Frank was:
Pat Harmon
Bouncer at Garden Cabaret
Pat Harmon was:
Lew Hicks
Lew Hicks was:
Maxine Elliott Hicks
Girl in Sweatshop
Maxine Elliott Hicks was:
Frank McLure
Cabaret Dancer
Frank McLure was:
Charles McMurphy
Charles McMurphy was:
King Mojave
Cabaret Dancer
King Mojave was:
Jack Pennick
Kansas - Sailor
Jack Pennick was:
Marshall Ruth
Chubby Blonde Sailor
Marshall Ruth was:
Gertrude Sutton
Gertrude Sutton was:
Richard Tucker
Man Dancing with Alice
Richard Tucker was:
Jacques Vanaire
Cabaret Dancer
Jacques Vanaire was:
Adele Watson
Head of Ladies Uplift Society
Adele Watson was:
Frank Yaconelli
Organ Grinder
Frank Yaconelli was:
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