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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Murder in the Fleet

Murder in the Fleet

Release Date: 1935-05-24 (86 years ago)
Robert Taylor
Lieutenant Tom Randolph
Robert Taylor was:
Jean Parker
Betty Lansing
Jean Parker was:
Ted Healy
Mac O'Neill
Ted Healy was:
Una Merkel
'Toots' Timmons
Una Merkel was:
Nat Pendleton
'Spud' Burke
Nat Pendleton was:
Jean Hersholt
Victor Hanson
Jean Hersholt was:
Arthur Byron
Captain John Winslow
Arthur Byron was:
Frank Shields
Lieutenant Arnold
Frank Shields was:
Donald Cook
Lieutenant Commander David Tucker
Donald Cook was:
Mischa Auer
Kamchukan Consul (Uncredited)
Mischa Auer was:
Julie Bescos
Crewman (Uncredited)
Julie Bescos was:
Ward Bond
'Heavy' Johnson (Uncredited)
Ward Bond was:
James P. Burtis
Winch Control Operator (Uncredited)
James P. Burtis was:
Bernard Carr
Officer (Uncredited)
Bernard Carr was:
Phyllis Crane
Woman Trying to Leave Ship (Uncredited)
Phyllis Crane was:
Mary Doran
Jenny Lane (Uncredited)
Mary Doran was:
Tom Dugan
'Greasy' (Uncredited)
Tom Dugan was:
Charles Dunbar
Crewman (Uncredited)
Charles Dunbar was:
Fred Graham
Crewman (Uncredited)
Fred Graham was:
Roger Gray
Yard Master (Uncredited)
Roger Gray was:
Raymond Hatton
Mr. Al Duval (Uncredited)
Raymond Hatton was:
J. Anthony Hughes
Walter Drake (Uncredited)
J. Anthony Hughes was:
John Hyams
Ambrose Justin (Uncredited)
John Hyams was:
Robert Livingston
Dr. Spencer (Uncredited)
Robert Livingston was:
Keye Luke
Consul's Secretary (Uncredited)
Keye Luke was:
George Magrill
Sailor on Watch (Uncredited)
George Magrill was:
Wally Maher
Bill Williams (Uncredited)
Wally Maher was:
J.P. McGowan
Chief of Police (Uncredited)
J.P. McGowan was:
Leila McIntyre
Mrs. Justin (Uncredited)
Leila McIntyre was:
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Orderly Bringing Jenny (Uncredited)
Carlyle Moore Jr. was:
Edward Norris
Sleepy (Uncredited)
Edward Norris was:
Pinky Parker
Shore Patrol Officer (Uncredited)
Pinky Parker was:
Lee Phelps
Officer Berating Guard (Uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Syd Saylor
Chief Petty Officer (Uncredited)
Syd Saylor was:
Charles Sherlock
Sailor Taking Civilians' Messages (Uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Charles Sullivan
Sailor Reporting 'No Fingerprints Found' (Uncredited)
Charles Sullivan was:
William Tannen
Pee Wee Adams (Uncredited)
William Tannen was:
Richard Tucker
Harry Jeffries (Uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
Al Williams
Crewman (Uncredited)
Al Williams was:
Charles C. Wilson
Commander Brown (Uncredited)
Charles C. Wilson was:
Roger Moore
Naval Officer (Uncredited)
Roger Moore was:
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