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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Midnight Mary

Midnight Mary

Release Date: 1933-06-30 (88 years ago)
Loretta Young
Mary Martin
Loretta Young was:
Ricardo Cortez
Leo Darcy
Ricardo Cortez was:
Franchot Tone
Thomas 'Tom' Mannering Jr.
Franchot Tone was:
Andy Devine
Samuel 'Sam' / 'Sammy' Travers
Andy Devine was:
Una Merkel
Bunny 'Bun'
Una Merkel was:
Frank Conroy
District Attorney
Frank Conroy was:
Warren Hymer
Angelo Ricci
Warren Hymer was:
Ivan F. Simpson
Mr. Tindle
Ivan F. Simpson was:
Harold Huber
'Puggy' Nestle
Harold Huber was:
Sandy Roth
Sandy Roth was:
Martha Sleeper
Barbara Mannering
Martha Sleeper was:
Charley Grapewin
Charley Grapewin was:
Halliwell Hobbes
Halliwell Hobbes was:
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Charlie the Cop
Robert Emmett O'Connor was:
Ernie Adams
Court Photographer (uncredited)
Ernie Adams was:
Reginald Barlow
Trial Judge (uncredited)
Reginald Barlow was:
Louise Beavers
Mary's Maid Anna (uncredited)
Louise Beavers was:
Lynton Brent
Court Photographer (uncredited)
Lynton Brent was:
Don Brodie
Court Photographer (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
Mike Donlin
Club Imperial Doorman (uncredited)
Mike Donlin was:
Robert Dudley
Mannering's Night Watchman (uncredited)
Robert Dudley was:
Bill Elliott
Party Guest (uncredited)
Bill Elliott was:
Robert Greig
Tom's Butler Potter (uncredited)
Robert Greig was:
Wilfred Lucas
Nightclub Bouncer (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas was:
Charles McAvoy
Detective (uncredited)
Charles McAvoy was:
Philo McCullough
Masher (uncredited)
Philo McCullough was:
Nelson McDowell
Salvation Army Leader (uncredited)
Nelson McDowell was:
Miki Morita
Chinese Restaurant Owner (uncredited)
Miki Morita was:
Lee Phelps
Club Imperial Floor Manager (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Phillips Smalley
Defense Attorney (uncredited)
Phillips Smalley was:
Richard Tucker
Club Imperial Manager (uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
Kathrin Clare Ward
Mrs. Ward the Landlady (uncredited)
Kathrin Clare Ward was:
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