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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks

Release Date: Saturday, April 12 1975 (47 years ago)
Portrait of Tom BakerTom Baker
The Doctor
Tom Baker was:
Portrait of Elisabeth SladenElisabeth Sladen
Sarah Jane Smith
Elisabeth Sladen was:
Portrait of Ian MarterIan Marter
Harry Sullivan
Ian Marter was:
Portrait of Michael WisherMichael Wisher
Michael Wisher was:
Portrait of Peter MilesPeter Miles
Peter Miles was:
Portrait of John Scott MartinJohn Scott Martin
John Scott Martin was:
Portrait of Cy TownCy Town
Cy Town was:
Portrait of Keith AshleyKeith Ashley
Keith Ashley was:
Portrait of Roy SkeltonRoy Skelton
Daleks (voice)
Roy Skelton was:
Portrait of Dennis ChinneryDennis Chinnery
Dennis Chinnery was:
Portrait of Guy SinerGuy Siner
Guy Siner was:
Portrait of John Franklyn-RobbinsJohn Franklyn-Robbins
Time Lord
John Franklyn-Robbins was:
Portrait of Richard ReevesRichard Reeves
Kaled Leader
Richard Reeves was:
Portrait of Stephen YardleyStephen Yardley
Stephen Yardley was:
Portrait of James GarbuttJames Garbutt
James Garbutt was:
Portrait of Drew WoodDrew Wood
Drew Wood was:
Portrait of Jeremy ChandlerJeremy Chandler
Jeremy Chandler was:
Portrait of Pat GormanPat Gorman
Thal Soldier
Pat Gorman was:
Portrait of Tom GeorgesonTom Georgeson
Tom Georgeson was:
Portrait of Ivor RobertsIvor Roberts
Ivor Roberts was:
Portrait of Michael LynchMichael Lynch
Thal Politician
Michael Lynch was:
Portrait of Hilary MinsterHilary Minster
Thal Soldier
Hilary Minster was:
Portrait of Max FaulknerMax Faulkner
Thal Guard
Max Faulkner was:
Portrait of Harriet PhilpinHarriet Philpin
Harriet Philpin was:
Portrait of Peter MantlePeter Mantle
Kaled Guard
Peter Mantle was:
Portrait of Andrew JohnsAndrew Johns
Andrew Johns was:
Portrait of John GleesonJohn Gleeson
Thal Soldier
John Gleeson was:
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