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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Kingdom

The Kingdom

Release Date: Wednesday, August 22 2007 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx
Ronald Fleury
Jamie Foxx was:
Portrait of Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner
Janet Mayes
Jennifer Garner was:
Portrait of Chris CooperChris Cooper
Grant Sykes
Chris Cooper was:
Portrait of Jason BatemanJason Bateman
Adam Leavitt
Jason Bateman was:
Portrait of Ali SolimanAli Soliman
Sergeant Haytham
Ali Soliman was:
Portrait of Jeremy PivenJeremy Piven
Damon Schmidt
Jeremy Piven was:
Portrait of Ashraf BarhomAshraf Barhom
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi
Ashraf Barhom was:
Portrait of Richard JenkinsRichard Jenkins
Robert Grace
Richard Jenkins was:
Portrait of Tim McGrawTim McGraw
Aaron Jackson
Tim McGraw was:
Portrait of Kyle ChandlerKyle Chandler
Francis Manner
Kyle Chandler was:
Portrait of Frances FisherFrances Fisher
Elaine Flowers
Frances Fisher was:
Portrait of Danny HustonDanny Huston
Gideon Young
Danny Huston was:
Portrait of Kelly AuCoinKelly AuCoin
Ellis Leach
Kelly AuCoin was:
Portrait of Anna Deavere SmithAnna Deavere Smith
Maricella Canavesio
Anna Deavere Smith was:
Portrait of Minka KellyMinka Kelly
Miss Ross
Minka Kelly was:
Portrait of Amy HunterAmy Hunter
Lyla Fleury
Amy Hunter was:
Portrait of Tj BurnettTj Burnett
Kevin Fleury
Tj Burnett was:
Portrait of Omar BerdouniOmar Berdouni
Prince Ahmed Bin Khaled
Omar Berdouni was:
Portrait of Raad RawiRaad Rawi
Prince Thamer
Raad Rawi was:
Portrait of Peter BergPeter Berg
FBI Agent
Peter Berg was:
Portrait of Sala BakerSala Baker
Sala Baker was:
Portrait of Ahmed B. BadranAhmed B. Badran
35 Year Old Son
Ahmed B. Badran was:
Portrait of Ashley ScottAshley Scott
Janine Ripon
Ashley Scott was:
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