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The Purple Mask

Plot: France, 1803: 11 years after the Revolution, a royalist underground is led by a new 'Scarlet Pimpernel', the Purple Mask, who rescues nobles in distress and kidnaps Napoleon's officials for ransom, aided by the spy services of a group of lovely models headed by Laurette (really the Duc de Latour's daughter).
Release Date: Wednesday, June 15 1955
68 years ago
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Portrait of Tony CurtisTony Curtis
Rene de Traviere / The Purple Mask
Tony Curtis was:
Wed, Jun 03 1925
Wed, Sep 29 2010
Portrait of Colleen MillerColleen Miller
Laurette de Latour
Colleen Miller was:
Thu, Nov 10 1932
Portrait of Gene BarryGene Barry
Captain Charles Laverne
Gene Barry was:
Sat, Jun 14 1919
Wed, Dec 09 2009
Portrait of Dan O'HerlihyDan O'Herlihy
Dan O'Herlihy was:
Fri, May 02 1919
Thu, Feb 17 2005
Portrait of Angela LansburyAngela Lansbury
Madame Valentine
Angela Lansbury was:
Fri, Oct 16 1925
Tue, Oct 11 2022
Portrait of George DolenzGeorge Dolenz
Marcel Cadonal
George Dolenz was:
Sun, Jan 05 1908
Fri, Feb 08 1963
Portrait of John HoytJohn Hoyt
John Hoyt was:
Thu, Oct 05 1905
Sun, Sep 15 1991
Portrait of Donald RandolphDonald Randolph
Andre Majolin
Donald Randolph was:
Fri, Jan 05 1906
Tue, Mar 16 1993
Portrait of Robert CornthwaiteRobert Cornthwaite
Napoleon Bonaparte
Robert Cornthwaite was:
Sat, Apr 28 1917
Thu, Jul 20 2006
Portrait of Stephen BekassyStephen Bekassy
Baron de Morleve
Stephen Bekassy was:
Sun, Feb 10 1907
Mon, Oct 30 1995
Portrait of Paul CavanaghPaul Cavanagh
Duc de Latour
Paul Cavanagh was:
Sat, Dec 08 1888
Sun, Mar 15 1964
Portrait of Myrna HansenMyrna Hansen
Constance de Voulois
Myrna Hansen was:
Sun, Aug 05 1934
Portrait of Allison HayesAllison Hayes
Irene de Bournotte
Allison Hayes was:
Thu, Mar 06 1930
Sun, Feb 27 1977
Portrait of Jane HowardJane Howard
Yvonne de Tressy (as Betty Jane Howarth)
Jane Howard was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Carl MilletaireCarl Milletaire
Carl Milletaire was:
Fri, Jun 21 1912
Wed, May 04 1994
Portrait of Gene DarcyGene Darcy
Vicomte de Morsanne
Gene Darcy was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Robert HunterRobert Hunter
Baron de Vivianne
Robert Hunter was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Richard AvondeRichard Avonde
Richard Avonde was:
Fri, May 22 1914
Sat, Jan 24 1981
Portrait of Britt LomondBritt Lomond
Raoul (as Glase Lohman)
Britt Lomond was:
Sun, Apr 12 1925
Wed, Mar 22 2006
Portrait of Diane DuBoisDiane DuBois
Diane DuBois was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Everett GlassEverett Glass
Father Brochard
Everett Glass was:
Thu, Jul 23 1891
Tue, Mar 22 1966
Portrait of Olga AndreOlga Andre
Customer (uncredited)
Olga Andre was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Charles BastinCharles Bastin
Gendarme (uncredited)
Charles Bastin was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of George BaxterGeorge Baxter
Official (uncredited)
George Baxter was:
Sat, Apr 08 1905
Fri, Sep 10 1976
Portrait of Eugene BordenEugene Borden
Napoleon Officer (uncredited)
Eugene Borden was:
Sun, Mar 21 1897
Wed, Jul 21 1971
Portrait of Louis BorelLouis Borel
Workman (uncredited)
Louis Borel was:
Fri, Oct 06 1905
Tue, Apr 24 1973
Portrait of George BruggemanGeorge Bruggeman
French Officer (uncredited)
George Bruggeman was:
Tue, Nov 01 1904
Fri, Jun 09 1967
Portrait of Peter CamlinPeter Camlin
Colonel (uncredited)
Peter Camlin was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Adrienne D'AmbricourtAdrienne D'Ambricourt
Madame Anais (uncredited)
Adrienne D'Ambricourt was:
Sun, Jun 02 1878
Fri, Dec 06 1957
Portrait of Jean De BriacJean De Briac
Count de Chauvac (uncredited)
Jean De Briac was:
Sat, Aug 15 1891
Sun, Oct 18 1970
Portrait of Jane EastonJane Easton
Marie du Pontblanc (uncredited)
Jane Easton was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Ralph FaulknerRalph Faulkner
Opponent (uncredited)
Ralph Faulkner was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Richard FlatoRichard Flato
Orderly (uncredited)
Richard Flato was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Albert GodderisAlbert Godderis
Old Servant (uncredited)
Albert Godderis was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Donald LawtonDonald Lawton
Passerby (uncredited)
Donald Lawton was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Joseph RomantiniJoseph Romantini
Gendarme (uncredited)
Joseph Romantini was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Lomax StudyLomax Study
Orderly (uncredited)
Lomax Study was:
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of H. Bruce HumberstoneH. Bruce Humberstone
H. Bruce Humberstone was:
Mon, Nov 18 1901
Thu, Oct 11 1984
Portrait of Irving GlassbergIrving Glassberg
Director of Photography
Irving Glassberg was:
Thu, Oct 01 1903
Tue, Sep 09 1958
Portrait of Oscar BrodneyOscar Brodney
Oscar Brodney was:
Mon, Feb 18 1907
Tue, Feb 12 2008
Portrait of Howard ChristieHoward Christie
Howard Christie was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Ted J. KentTed J. Kent
Ted J. Kent was:
Sun, Oct 06 1901
Tue, Jun 17 1986