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Shake, Rattle & Roll III

Shake, Rattle & Roll III

Release Date: 1991-12-25 (29 years ago)
Kris Aquino
Tanya (segment "Yaya")
Kris Aquino was:
Janice de Belen
Roselyn (segment "Ate")
Janice de Belen was:
Manilyn Reynes
Maloy (segment "Nanay")
Manilyn Reynes was:
Gina Alajar
Rowena (segment "Ate")
Gina Alajar was:
Ai-Ai delas Alas
Dezzi Rae (segment "Nanay")
Ai-Ai delas Alas was:
Candy Pangilinan
Sally (segment "Nanay")
Candy Pangilinan was:
Rosemarie Gil
Lydia (segment "Yaya")
Rosemarie Gil was:
Joel Torre
Milton (segment "Ate")
Joel Torre was:
Ogie Alcasid
Chuck (segment "Yaya")
Ogie Alcasid was:
Subas Herrero
Mr. Redoblado (segment "Ate")
Subas Herrero was:
Joey Marquez
Ojay (segment "Nanay")
Joey Marquez was:
Vangie Labalan
Mama Eba (segment "Nanay")
Vangie Labalan was:
Giselle Sanchez
Dormmate (segment "Nanay")
Giselle Sanchez was:
Pen Medina
Fr. Salazar (segment "Ate")
Pen Medina was:
Manny Castañeda
Terry (segment "Nanay")
Manny Castañeda was:
Lilia Cuntapay
Yaya (segment "Yaya")
Lilia Cuntapay was:
Jose Javier Reyes
Principal (segment "Ate")
Jose Javier Reyes was:
Jomari Yllana
Delinquent (segment "Ate")
Jomari Yllana was:
Mae-ann Adonis
Virgie (segment "Yaya")
Mae-ann Adonis was:
Mary Joyce Reyes
Baby Jane (segment "Yaya")
Mary Joyce Reyes was:
Eva Ramos
Aida (segment "Yaya")
Eva Ramos was:
Armida Siguion-Reyna
Mrs. Redoblado (segment "Ate")
Armida Siguion-Reyna was:
Inday Badiday
Herself (segment "Ate")
Inday Badiday was:
Lucy Quinto
Madame Sabrina (segment "Ate")
Lucy Quinto was:
Cris Daluz
Kardo (segment "Ate")
Cris Daluz was:
Cris Balase
Tano (segment "Ate")
Cris Balase was:
Michelle Gallaga
Co-teacher (segment "Ate")
Michelle Gallaga was:
Jong Cuenco
Co-teacher (segment "Ate")
Jong Cuenco was:
Datu Gallaga
Deliquent (segment "Ate")
Datu Gallaga was:
Clem Hemor
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Clem Hemor was:
Jun Basilio
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Jun Basilio was:
Tessie Arroyo
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Tessie Arroyo was:
Totoy Magno
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Totoy Magno was:
Fred Palacio
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Fred Palacio was:
Og De La Rosa
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Og De La Rosa was:
Greg Lipit
Cultist (segment "Ate")
Greg Lipit was:
Ricardo Cepeda
Borg (segment "Nanay")
Ricardo Cepeda was:
Agnes Ventura
Lalaine (segment "Nanay")
Agnes Ventura was:
Jinky Laurel
Jade Snow (segment "Nanay")
Jinky Laurel was:
Roxanne Silverio
Tweetie (segment "Nanay")
Roxanne Silverio was:
Marlene Aguilar
Shasha (segment "Nanay")
Marlene Aguilar was:
Fame de los Santos
Priscilla (segment "Nanay")
Fame de los Santos was:
Richard Arellano
Ten-Four (segment "Nanay")
Richard Arellano was:
Rick Halal
Rickboy (segment "Nanay")
Rick Halal was:
Glen Almonte
Miller (segment "Nanay")
Glen Almonte was:
Dolly De Leon
Dormmate (segment "Nanay")
Dolly De Leon was:
Milanie Sumalinog
Dormmate (segment "Nanay")
Milanie Sumalinog was:
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