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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Revenge Is My Destiny

Revenge Is My Destiny

Release Date: Friday, January 1 1970 (52 years ago)
Portrait of Chris RobinsonChris Robinson
Ross Archer
Chris Robinson was:
Portrait of Sidney BlackmerSidney Blackmer
Gregory Mann
Sidney Blackmer was:
Portrait of Elisa IngramElisa Ingram
Elisa Ingram was:
Portrait of Joe E. RossJoe E. Ross
Maxie Marks
Joe E. Ross was:
Portrait of John LodgeJohn Lodge
Lt. Craig
John Lodge was:
Portrait of Patricia RainierPatricia Rainier
Patricia Rainier was:
Portrait of Willie PastranoWillie Pastrano
Willie Pastrano was:
Portrait of ZoritaZorita
Zorita was:
Portrait of Rey BaumelRey Baumel
Dr. Barry
Rey Baumel was:
Portrait of Guy RennieGuy Rennie
Guy Rennie was:
Portrait of Dick WoodyDick Woody
Mr. Tony
Dick Woody was:
Portrait of William KerwinWilliam Kerwin
William Kerwin was:
Portrait of Malee PlangsriMalee Plangsri
Viet Cong Girl
Malee Plangsri was:
Portrait of Mike VetroMike Vetro
Mike Vetro was:
Portrait of Gene LebeufGene Lebeuf
Gene Lebeuf was:
Portrait of William FisherWilliam Fisher
William Fisher was:
Portrait of Nancy MillerNancy Miller
Nancy Miller was:
Portrait of Clarence ThomasClarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas was:
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