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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Lady in Cement

Lady in Cement

Release Date: Tuesday, November 19 1968 (54 years ago)
Portrait of Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra
Tony Rome
Frank Sinatra was:
Portrait of Raquel WelchRaquel Welch
Kit Forrest
Raquel Welch was:
Portrait of Richard ConteRichard Conte
Lt. Dave Santini
Richard Conte was:
Portrait of Martin GabelMartin Gabel
Al Mungar
Martin Gabel was:
Portrait of Lainie KazanLainie Kazan
Maria Baretto
Lainie Kazan was:
Portrait of Pat HenryPat Henry
Pat Henry was:
Portrait of Steve PeckSteve Peck
Paul Mungar
Steve Peck was:
Portrait of Virginia WoodVirginia Wood
Virginia Wood was:
Portrait of Richard DeaconRichard Deacon
Arnie Sherwin
Richard Deacon was:
Portrait of Frank RaiterFrank Raiter
Danny Yale
Frank Raiter was:
Portrait of Peter HockPeter Hock
Peter Hock was:
Portrait of Alex StevensAlex Stevens
Alex Stevens was:
Portrait of Christine ToddChristine Todd
Sandra Lomax
Christine Todd was:
Portrait of Mac RobbinsMac Robbins
Sidney the organizer
Mac Robbins was:
Portrait of Tommy UhlarTommy Uhlar
The Kid, Tighe Santini
Tommy Uhlar was:
Portrait of Rey BaumelRey Baumel
Rey Baumel was:
Portrait of Pauly DashPauly Dash
Pauly Dash was:
Portrait of Andy JarrellAndy Jarrell
Pool Boy
Andy Jarrell was:
Portrait of Dan BlockerDan Blocker
Waldo Gronsky
Dan Blocker was:
Portrait of Joe E. LewisJoe E. Lewis
Self (uncredited)
Joe E. Lewis was:
Portrait of Bunny YeagerBunny Yeager
Bunny Fjord - Swedish Masseuse (uncredited)
Bunny Yeager was:
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