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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Goodbye, Columbus

Goodbye, Columbus

Release Date: Wednesday, January 1 1969 (54 years ago)
Portrait of Richard BenjaminRichard Benjamin
Neil Klugman
Richard Benjamin was:
Portrait of Ali MacGrawAli MacGraw
Brenda Patimkin
Ali MacGraw was:
Portrait of Jack KlugmanJack Klugman
Ben Patimkin
Jack Klugman was:
Portrait of Nan MartinNan Martin
Mrs. Ben Patimkin
Nan Martin was:
Portrait of Michael MeyersMichael Meyers
Ron Patimkin
Michael Meyers was:
Portrait of Lori ShelleLori Shelle
Julie Patimkin
Lori Shelle was:
Portrait of Monroe ArnoldMonroe Arnold
Uncle Leo
Monroe Arnold was:
Portrait of Kay CummingsKay Cummings
Doris Klugman
Kay Cummings was:
Portrait of Sylvie StrauseSylvie Strause
Aunt Gladys
Sylvie Strause was:
Portrait of Royce WallaceRoyce Wallace
Royce Wallace was:
Portrait of Anthony McGowanAnthony McGowan
Boy in Library
Anthony McGowan was:
Portrait of Mari GormanMari Gorman
Laura Simpson Sockaloe
Mari Gorman was:
Portrait of Chris SchenkelChris Schenkel
Voice on Record
Chris Schenkel was:
Portrait of Jay JostynJay Jostyn
Voice on Record
Jay Jostyn was:
Portrait of Jan PeerceJan Peerce
Uncle Manny
Jan Peerce was:
Portrait of Max PeerceMax Peerce
Uncle Max
Max Peerce was:
Portrait of Rey BaumelRey Baumel
Uncle Harry
Rey Baumel was:
Portrait of Delos V. Smith Jr.Delos V. Smith Jr.
Mr. Scapelle
Delos V. Smith Jr. was:
Portrait of Gail OmmerleGail Ommerle
Gail Ommerle was:
Portrait of David BenedictDavid Benedict
The Rabbi
David Benedict was:
Portrait of Bill DerringerBill Derringer
John McKee (uncredited)
Bill Derringer was:
Portrait of Michael NouriMichael Nouri
Don Farber (uncredited)
Michael Nouri was:
Portrait of Reuben SchaferReuben Schafer
Uncle Max (uncredited)
Reuben Schafer was:
Portrait of Julie GarfieldJulie Garfield
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Julie Garfield was:
Portrait of Susan LucciSusan Lucci
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Susan Lucci was:
Portrait of Bette MidlerBette Midler
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Bette Midler was:
Portrait of Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jaclyn Smith was:
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