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Poster of The Rosary Murders

The Rosary Murders

Release Date: Friday, August 28 1987 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
Father Robert Koesler
Donald Sutherland was:
Portrait of Charles DurningCharles Durning
Father Ted Nabors
Charles Durning was:
Portrait of Belinda BauerBelinda Bauer
Pat Lennon
Belinda Bauer was:
Portrait of Josef SommerJosef Sommer
Lieutenant Koznicki
Josef Sommer was:
Portrait of James MurtaughJames Murtaugh
Robert Javison
James Murtaugh was:
Portrait of Leila DanetteLeila Danette
Mrs. Washington
Leila Danette was:
Portrait of Addison PowellAddison Powell
Father Edward Killeen
Addison Powell was:
Portrait of Kathleen TolanKathleen Tolan
Sister Ann Vania
Kathleen Tolan was:
Portrait of Tom MardirosianTom Mardirosian
Detective Fallon
Tom Mardirosian was:
Portrait of Anita BaroneAnita Barone
Irene Jimenez
Anita Barone was:
Portrait of John DanelleJohn Danelle
Detective Harris
John Danelle was:
Portrait of Anna MinotAnna Minot
Sister Mary Martyrs
Anna Minot was:
Portrait of Lupe OntiverosLupe Ontiveros
Lupe Ontiveros was:
Portrait of Roger AngeliniRoger Angelini
Roger Angelini was:
Portrait of B. Constance BarryB. Constance Barry
Sister Grace
B. Constance Barry was:
Portrait of Doris BiscoeDoris Biscoe
Doris Biscoe was:
Portrait of Sandy BroadSandy Broad
Sandy Broad was:
Portrait of Keith BrooksKeith Brooks
Altar Boy
Keith Brooks was:
Portrait of Bethany CarpenterBethany Carpenter
Nancy Baldwin
Bethany Carpenter was:
Portrait of Joseph ConradJoseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad was:
Portrait of Richard CottrellRichard Cottrell
Officer Mills
Richard Cottrell was:
Portrait of Bruce EconomouBruce Economou
Bruce Economou was:
Portrait of Rex EverhartRex Everhart
Father Skiarski
Rex Everhart was:
Portrait of Lilian FergusonLilian Ferguson
Funeral Woman
Lilian Ferguson was:
Portrait of Stefan GieraschStefan Gierasch
Stefan Gierasch was:
Portrait of Harold HansenHarold Hansen
Father Lord
Harold Hansen was:
Portrait of Cordis HeardCordis Heard
Sister Magdala
Cordis Heard was:
Portrait of Robert HellerRobert Heller
Robert Heller was:
Portrait of Jihmi KennedyJihmi Kennedy
Officer Knight
Jihmi Kennedy was:
Portrait of Don LessnauDon Lessnau
Passing Cop
Don Lessnau was:
Portrait of María LópezMaría López
Mrs. Jimenez
María López was:
Portrait of Mark MargolisMark Margolis
Father Max
Mark Margolis was:
Portrait of Robert C. MaxwellRobert C. Maxwell
Father Marek
Robert C. Maxwell was:
Portrait of Sheldon MillerSheldon Miller
Coney Island Customer
Sheldon Miller was:
Portrait of Joel NashJoel Nash
Listening Priest
Joel Nash was:
Portrait of Ed OldaniEd Oldani
Patrolman Wozniak
Ed Oldani was:
Portrait of Burt PearsonBurt Pearson
Father Lasko
Burt Pearson was:
Portrait of Sam PollackSam Pollack
Father Dailey
Sam Pollack was:
Portrait of David RegalDavid Regal
Father O'Day
David Regal was:
Portrait of Ed RuffaloEd Ruffalo
Sergeant Ross
Ed Ruffalo was:
Portrait of Edward SeamonEdward Seamon
Father Harold Steele
Edward Seamon was:
Portrait of Janet M. SmithJanet M. Smith
Cathy Javison
Janet M. Smith was:
Portrait of Peter Van NordenPeter Van Norden
Father McNiff
Peter Van Norden was:
Portrait of Josephine VassaloJosephine Vassalo
Mrs. Gates
Josephine Vassalo was:
Portrait of Jo Mullin WhiteJo Mullin White
Jo Mullin White was:
Portrait of Dennis WroschDennis Wrosch
Sister Vania's Beau
Dennis Wrosch was:
Portrait of Jeffrey R. DolanJeffrey R. Dolan
Jeffrey R. Dolan was:
Portrait of Georgine HallGeorgine Hall
Georgine Hall was:
Portrait of Michael MiliMichael Mili
Guest at Party (uncredited)
Michael Mili was:
Portrait of Jack WhiteJack White
Altar Boy (uncredited)
Jack White was:
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