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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Release Date: Tuesday, October 22 1991 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Paige O'HaraPaige O'Hara
Belle (voice)
Paige O'Hara was:
Portrait of Robby BensonRobby Benson
Beast (voice)
Robby Benson was:
Portrait of Richard WhiteRichard White
Gaston (voice)
Richard White was:
Portrait of Jerry OrbachJerry Orbach
Lumiere (voice)
Jerry Orbach was:
Portrait of David Ogden StiersDavid Ogden Stiers
Cogsworth / Narrator (voice)
David Ogden Stiers was:
Portrait of Angela LansburyAngela Lansbury
Mrs. Potts (voice)
Angela Lansbury was:
Portrait of Rex EverhartRex Everhart
Maurice (voice)
Rex Everhart was:
Portrait of Jesse CortiJesse Corti
Lefou (voice)
Jesse Corti was:
Portrait of Bradley PierceBradley Pierce
Chip (voice)
Bradley Pierce was:
Portrait of Hal SmithHal Smith
Philippe (voice)
Hal Smith was:
Portrait of Jo Anne WorleyJo Anne Worley
Wardrobe (voice)
Jo Anne Worley was:
Portrait of Mary Kay BergmanMary Kay Bergman
Bimbette (voice)
Mary Kay Bergman was:
Portrait of Kath SoucieKath Soucie
Bimbette (voice)
Kath Soucie was:
Portrait of Alvin EpsteinAlvin Epstein
Bookseller (voice)
Alvin Epstein was:
Portrait of Tony JayTony Jay
Monsieur D'Arque (voice)
Tony Jay was:
Portrait of Brian CummingsBrian Cummings
Stove (voice)
Brian Cummings was:
Portrait of Alec MurphyAlec Murphy
Baker (voice)
Alec Murphy was:
Portrait of Kimmy RobertsonKimmy Robertson
Featherduster (voice)
Kimmy Robertson was:
Portrait of Frank WelkerFrank Welker
Footstool (voice)
Frank Welker was:
Portrait of Alex MurphyAlex Murphy
Baker (voice)
Alex Murphy was:
Portrait of Sherry LynnSherry Lynn
Additional Voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn was:
Portrait of Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan
Additional Voice (voice)
Mickie McGowan was:
Portrait of Jack AngelJack Angel
Additional Voices (voice)
Jack Angel was:
Portrait of Bruce AdlerBruce Adler
Additional Voices (voice)
Bruce Adler was:
Portrait of Scott BarnesScott Barnes
Additional Voices (voice)
Scott Barnes was:
Portrait of Vanna BontaVanna Bonta
Additional Voices (voice)
Vanna Bonta was:
Portrait of Maureen BrennanMaureen Brennan
Additional Voices (voice)
Maureen Brennan was:
Portrait of Liz CallawayLiz Callaway
Additional Voices (voice)
Liz Callaway was:
Portrait of Philip L. ClarkePhilip L. Clarke
Additional Voices (voice)
Philip L. Clarke was:
Portrait of Margery DaleyMargery Daley
Additional Voices (voice)
Margery Daley was:
Portrait of Jennifer DarlingJennifer Darling
Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Darling was:
Portrait of Albert de RuiterAlbert de Ruiter
Additional Voices (voice)
Albert de Ruiter was:
Portrait of George DvorskyGeorge Dvorsky
Additional Voices (voice)
George Dvorsky was:
Portrait of Bill FarmerBill Farmer
Additional Voices (voice)
Bill Farmer was:
Portrait of Bruce FiferBruce Fifer
Additional Voices (voice)
Bruce Fifer was:
Portrait of Johnson FluckerJohnson Flucker
Additional Voices (voice)
Johnson Flucker was:
Portrait of Larry HansenLarry Hansen
Additional Voices (voice)
Larry Hansen was:
Portrait of Randy HansenRandy Hansen
Additional Voices (voice)
Randy Hansen was:
Portrait of Mary Ann HartMary Ann Hart
Additional Voices (voice)
Mary Ann Hart was:
Portrait of Phyllis KubeyPhyllis Kubey
Additional Voices (voice)
Phyllis Kubey was:
Portrait of Hearndon LackeyHearndon Lackey
Additional Voices (voice)
Hearndon Lackey was:
Portrait of Larry MossLarry Moss
Additional Voices (voice)
Larry Moss was:
Portrait of Panchali NullPanchali Null
Additional Voices (voice)
Panchali Null was:
Portrait of Wilbur PauleyWilbur Pauley
Additional Voices (voice)
Wilbur Pauley was:
Portrait of Jennifer PeritoJennifer Perito
Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Perito was:
Portrait of Caroline PeytonCaroline Peyton
Additional Voices (voice)
Caroline Peyton was:
Portrait of Patrick PinneyPatrick Pinney
Additional Voices (voice)
Patrick Pinney was:
Portrait of Cynthia Richards-HewesCynthia Richards-Hewes
Additional Voices (voice)
Cynthia Richards-Hewes was:
Portrait of Phil ProctorPhil Proctor
Additional Voices (voice)
Phil Proctor was:
Portrait of Stephen SturkStephen Sturk
Additional Voices (voice)
Stephen Sturk was:
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