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Plot: A young Indonesian leaves her baby in a cab, so the driver takes the infant home, then tries to find the mother.
Release Date: Thursday, March 1 1990
34 years ago
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Portrait of Meriam BellinaMeriam Bellina
Meriam Bellina was
24 in Taxi
as 'Desi'.
Sat, Apr 10 1965
Portrait of Rano KarnoRano Karno
Rano Karno was
29 in Taxi
as 'Giyon'.
Sat, Oct 08 1960
Portrait of Nani WidjajaNani Widjaja
Nani Widjaja was
45 in Taxi
Fri, Nov 10 1944
Portrait of Firdha RazakFirdha Razak
Firdha Razak was
23 in Taxi
Tue, Aug 16 1966
Portrait of Henky SolaimanHenky Solaiman
Henky Solaiman was
48 in Taxi
Sat, Aug 30 1941 –
Fri, May 15 2020
Portrait of Remy SyladoRemy Sylado
Remy Sylado was
44 in Taxi
Thu, Jul 12 1945
Portrait of Bunga Citra LestariBunga Citra Lestari
Bunga Citra Lestari was
6 in Taxi
Tue, Mar 22 1983


Portrait of Arifin C. NoerArifin C. Noer
Arifin C. Noer was
48 in Taxi
as 'Director, Writer'
Mon, Mar 10 1941 –
Sun, May 28 1995
Portrait of George KamarullahGeorge Kamarullah
George Kamarullah was
40 in Taxi
as 'Director of Photography'
Sat, Jul 30 1949
Portrait of Manu SukmajayaManu Sukmajaya
Manu Sukmajaya was
>> in Taxi
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Hanita MahtaniHanita Mahtani
Hanita Mahtani was
>> in Taxi
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Karsono HadiKarsono Hadi
Karsono Hadi was
34 in Taxi
as 'Editor'
Mon, Jun 06 1955
Portrait of Embi C. NoerEmbi C. Noer
Embi C. Noer was
34 in Taxi
as 'Music'
Sun, Jul 17 1955
Portrait of Eddy SuhendroEddy Suhendro
Eddy Suhendro was
>> in Taxi
as 'Story'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Satari S. K.Satari S. K.
Satari S. K. was
>> in Taxi
as 'Art Direction'
Unknown Birthday