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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Thinner


Release Date: Friday, October 25 1996 (26 years ago)
Portrait of Robert John BurkeRobert John Burke
Billy Halleck
Robert John Burke was:
Portrait of Lucinda JenneyLucinda Jenney
Heidi Halleck
Lucinda Jenney was:
Portrait of Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz
Linda Halleck
Bethany Joy Lenz was:
Portrait of Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
Richie Ginelli
Joe Mantegna was:
Portrait of Michael ConstantineMichael Constantine
Tadzu Lempke
Michael Constantine was:
Portrait of Kari WuhrerKari Wuhrer
Gina Lempke
Kari Wuhrer was:
Portrait of Daniel von BargenDaniel von Bargen
Chief Duncan Hopley
Daniel von Bargen was:
Portrait of Stephen KingStephen King
Stephen King was:
Portrait of Ed WheelerEd Wheeler
Detective Deevers
Ed Wheeler was:
Portrait of Walter BobbieWalter Bobbie
Kirk Penschley
Walter Bobbie was:
Portrait of Time WintersTime Winters
Time Winters was:
Portrait of Howard ErskineHoward Erskine
Judge Phillips
Howard Erskine was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
Court Clerk
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of Josh HollandJosh Holland
Frank Spurton
Josh Holland was:
Portrait of Peter MaloneyPeter Maloney
Biff Quigley
Peter Maloney was:
Portrait of Josh LucasJosh Lucas
Male Nurse
Josh Lucas was:
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